An Open Letter to Radio

Dear Radio,

You aren’t dying. Despite some opinions, you are still very much alive. You may be evolving, but you’re still important.

Last Friday marked a monumental day for you, Radio, as Entercom and CBS Radio merged to create a radio giant, becoming the number two radio operator only behind iHeart Media. I didn’t end up being on the team of the radio giant, but instead my cluster of stations (minus one) ended up being a part of the divestiture needed to comply with FCC regulations. I am now working for a company that is operating in a trust operated by Bonneville International. I am looking forward to my new adventure and watching this evolve.

I’m not going to lie, Radio. This year has been stressful. I think anyone you ask that was apart of CBS Radio or Entercom would admit that this year was full of uncertainty about the future. Uncertainty isn’t exactly a comfortable place to be, but it’s necessary for change and progress.

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