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    • Has the Mentoring Movement Helped Women?

      Sharon Taylor – ByrnesMedia I have a confession.  I don’t like the way “mentoring” has been bandied about in the last few years.  If you’re a professional woman, just try […]

    • New FCC Commissioner Talks About the Need for the FM Chip

      The FCC is appealing to smartphone-makers to activate the FM receiver chips that come standard in most U.S. devices, but which remain turned off in more than half. Newly appointed chairman Ajit […]

    • Radioplayer Canada Adds More Stations

      TORONTO, ON (February 10, 2017) Canada’s National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC) has joined a growing consortium of premier radio broadcasters representing more than 400 stations who have come […]

    • 50% of Smartphones Sold Have FM Chip Installed

      from www.nabpilot.org Here’s some good news for broadcasters, at least in the USA. Last year, according to the NAB site Pilot, nearly 50% of all smart phones sold had the FM […]

    • February Is…

      Feb 1-29 “Therapeutic Recreation Month”: see www.canadian-tr.org. Feb 1-29 “International Boost Self-Esteem Month”: Focus on the importance of nurturing and cultivating self-esteem to beat the winter blahs. Call Valla Dana […]

    • 10 Resolutions for Radio Broadcasters in 2017

      by Sharon Taylor – ByrnesMedia Recently, a client asked what I thought would happen to radio in 2017.  Given recent events (Trump) I just couldn’t bring myself to even try […]

    • 25 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You: A Primer on Professionalism

      A very long time ago in the 1980’s, a brilliant article by Harvey Mednick appeared in the trade paper Radio & Records (may it RIP).  That same piece was reprinted […]