Study: Radio Scores High in Facebook Engagement

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For radio stations to have cultural currency in social media they need more than just a large audience.  They also need fans and followers who engage with the station in their social interactions.  A new study gives radio high marks in cultural currency on Facebook compared to other local media.

Conducted by television industry trade group TVB and social media measurement firm Colligent, the year-long study observed the actual behaviors of 167 million social media users.  It found that different media channels drive different social media behaviors and reap different benefits for marketing partners.  With 100 as the norm, radio indexed at a chart-topping 187 for Frequent Content Likers (fans who have liked multiple pieces of content on the brand’s Facebook page in the past year).  Cable TV came in second place (146), followed by local television (107) and local newspapers (67).

Radio was also No. 1 among Frequent Commenters (fans who have commented more than once on the brand’s Facebook page) and with Content Likers (fans who have liked some content on the brand’s Facebook page).  Radio was second only to local television in Commenters (fans who have commented once on the brand’s Facebook page) and Photo Video Posters (fans who have posted videos/photos on the brand’s Facebook).   Still it indexed well above 100 in both metrics.

But the study shows radio has work to do in improving its cultural relevance among Twitter users.  It scored below 100 in all four Twitter metrics in the past year:  Talkers (users mentioning the brand’s name or handle in the tweet); Hashers (users making hash tag mentions of the brand); Repliers (users replying to the brand’s tweets); and Retweeters  (users retweeing the brand’s tweets).

The study included 570 TV stations, 1,823 radio stations, 358 local and national newspapers, 540 consumer brands and 4,400 broadcast and cable TV shows.

Read the TVB report HERE.