Valentine’s Day Promo Ideas

Don’t Be Single For Valentine’s
Here’s a very successful Valentine’s promotion. It’s a singles party the week before Valentine’s Day with the theme, “Don’t be single for Valentine’s.” Fill a local club with listeners and have lots of interactive games for them to play so they mingle and get to know each other.

The Valentine’s Honk
On the air, you recruit ten single guys who are looking for love. They stand in a prominent location, such as a roundabout or somewhere where there’s high morning drive traffic with placards displaying a unique number. Female listeners are encouraged to drive by and text the radio station (after they get where they’re going, of course) with the number of the guy they would like to date. You take calls on the air as well and ultimately ten guys win ten dates and the radio station picks up the cost.

Valentine’s Kiss Off
A twist on the “keep your hand on the car” type contest where couples are invited to congregate and begin kissing. All couples must have their lips constantly touching until they drop out with no breaks for bathroom, food, etc. The final couple to remain will win a big Valentine’s package including jewellery, roses, candy, a weekend getaway, etc. Good mall promotion.

Valentine’s Day Street Smart
Send one or all air personalities out on the streets to offices, etc., passing out flowers, cash and Hersey Kisses. Make sure you go to high-visibility areas.

Valentine Girl
Place the description of a “Valentine Girl” in a safe deposit box. Ask listeners to describe the Valentine Girl down to the tips of her toes (her shoe size). Award a hope chest full of prizes to the listener with the closest description.

Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit
For those forgetful Valentines give away survival kits to certain callers for V-Day. The kits include flowers chocolates and lingerie. The kit winners become eligible for a random draw for a weekend getaway for two.

Valentine’s Poet
Invite listeners to submit poetry to your website. These are then voted on by your audience. The finalists get a bag of goodies and the winner gets a weekend at a luxury hotel or resort.

Valentine’s In Venice
Contest where all contestants are registered for one of two grand prizes — either in Venice California where they get the low-dough package or Venice Italy where they get the really nice, romantic package. Can also be done with Paris or London in Ontario and those in France and England, or Victoria, BC, with Victoria, Australia, etc.

Romantic Valentine’s Getaway
Simple and the sales staff will love it. Get a hotel to be a title sponsor. Give away boxes of cheap hard heart candies and balloon bouquets. Anyone who wins is a qualifier for the big prize. Then on Valentine’s Day choose 5 qualifiers to win a dozen roses. One of the rose winners becomes the grand prize winner with a romantic night stay at a nice hotel, dinner at a local restaurant and a bottle of bubbly to boot.

Valentine’s Slacker Pack
Have a Valentine’s Slacker Pack contest for all those listeners out there who are just too busy (or lazy) to do their own Valentine’s Day shopping. Each registrant receives a gift certificate for flowers and candy provided by a sponsor. The grand prize winner is given a deluxe romantic weekend for two including hotel reservations, flowers, candy, champagne, gift certificates from Victoria’s Secret (or other local clothing outlet that sells fun stuff), and a basket of muffins and juice for the “morning after!”

All Loving Couples/Valentines
DJs give clues about various famous (local or national) couples. Listeners call in at the end of the day and identify all of the couples. The correct listener wins dinner for 2, tickets to a love story movie, etc.

Prize Proposals
As a Valentine’s Day contest, invite listeners to tell you about the unusual, interesting or silly way their spouses popped The Question. Give a prize for the best in each category (most romantic, most unusual, cheesiest…)

The Runaway Bride
Run an on-air contest and select two females who are getting married in the next few months. Put them in wedding dresses, and they have 24 hours to get as far away from the radio station as possible with only $250 in their pocket. The winner gets a free wedding.

Curbside Cupid
On Valentine’s Day, broadcast from a busy intersection in the city and sell flowers to all those who forgot their Valentines! All proceeds from the flower sale benefit a local charity, the Heart Association, etc.

Morning Mall Marriage
For Valentine’s Day and Weddings Month, have your morning show marry a couple live on the air at an area mall. Listeners are asked to write or fax the reason you should marry them live on the air. You and your sponsor pay for every aspect of the wedding including rings, cake, bridal dress, and reception that your listeners are invited to. There is nothing more romantic than “being at” a wedding on Valentine’s Day

Blind Date, Literally
Get two people to go out completely blindfolded for the entire date. Send your stunt boy with a tape recorder. They are limoed to the restaurant and the next day they both show up for your show and you take the blindfolds off on your show so that they see each other for the first time. Should be some good radio.

Cupid Cash
Listeners tune in for their chance to call in and win. Set it at low amounts and give away several prizes, or limit the winners to a select few who win bigger amounts.

The Mile of Meet
Line up an entire mile of eligible bachelors on a main street. Ladies can walk along the line and meet these men, chat with them, and jot down the numbers of those they are interested in.

The Love Scroll
Put a scrolling message board on your website. Listeners can submit messages for their sweethearts by text or email.

Sweetheart Deals
As a Valentine’s Day promotion, offer “Sweetheart Deals” to your retailers, who will be getting ready for spring inventories. You also could place one of your air personalities in a participating store as a “guest clerk” for the day.

Carnation For Every Woman
For Valentine’s Day, put the jocks in tuxedos and have them hand out carnations to every female shopper in a retail location.

The Love/Lust Pack
You can use this on Valentine’s Day or any other time for that matter. Listeners write a poem for their lover or potential lover and then call the morning show and read the poem out on the air. If the hosts like the poem they go in the draw to win “The Love Pack” or “The Lust Pack,” it’s their choice. Both prize packs contain a beautiful piece of jewellery. But here’s the twist, the love pack also contains limousine transportation to and from the hotel, a night in the honeymoon suite, romantic dinner in the hotel restaurant, roses, chocolates, etc. The lust pack contains a rental car for the night, an anonymous stay in an out of town hotel, cheap sunglasses so you won’t be recognized, an oyster dinner in the room, baby oil, a rented video camera, etc.

Top 10 Ways To Say I Love You
For the week before Valentine’s Day, ask listeners for “Ways to Say I Love You.” Then a panel of “The Love Judges” will select the top 10 ways and will air promos of the calls. On Monday, air ways 10, 9 and 8; Tuesday, air 7,6, 5, etc. On Wednesday, the first person to call and correctly identify the Top Ten Ways will win the grand prize. Each of the people that suggest the Top Ten Ways will receive a flower bouquet from a sponsor and the winner that correctly identifies all ten on Wednesday will win a dozen roses and a very expensive watch from a local jeweller.

Add ‘Em Up
Nightclub game for singles. Version 1: Print up stickers with different numbers on them, 1-100. Announce numbers greater than 100 and have the singles look for a person of the opposite sex who has a number that, when added to theirs, will equal the number announced. The first to make the match wins a prize. You could be creative and do “multiples” — two guys and a girl, etc. Version 2: Same concept, but only using numbers that, when added together, make up a station’s frequency.

Wine Tasting Party
This is a great idea for Valentine’s Day for stations with older demos, a wine and champagne tasting party. Tie in a local distributor for a national wine company for the wine and champagne, tie in several local catering companies for the food (hors d’oeuvres, entrees and dessert served buffet style with each catering joint getting a 10-foot table to serve from) tie in a florist for roses for all the women (Valentine’s Day get it), and the local distributor can also do cigars so the guys get cigars.  Each company gets a promotion for some dough. Some tickets are given away on-air, while the rest are sold for charity at the event.

Chapel of Love
For Valentine’s Day, go Vegas style! Set up a “Chapel of Love” at a local mall the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Have couples call in and tell wedding day disasters, romantic stories, etc. Then, sign them up to renew their vows at the “Chapel of Love.” Get an Elvis impersonator to sing and give away a trip for two to Las Vegas! Throw a little reception too, complete with wedding cake and bubbly.

Diamond Mine
Set up a sandbox complete with one or two diamonds and several rocks (stones) the same size as the diamonds. Give contestants 10 seconds to sift thru the sand with a sifter and the first one(s) to find the diamonds, wins. Can be done for Valentine’s Day with a series of preliminary gifts to qualifiers.

Date Plate
Five men compete in the kitchen for a single woman. Five single men whip up their “specialty” meal, and one woman picks the best meal without knowing who cooked it, and then love blossoms forever. The winners get a free date out of the deal.

Breakfast Nookie
Take letters from people explaining why they should be the lucky couple to take part in Breakfast Nookie. The winning couple gets to bring their kids into the studio so they can be babysat while the couple gets driven to a nice hotel, plus they get a lot of free stuff… lingerie, robe, flowers, candy, jewelry, you name it. It’s always huge, plus they get plenty of entertainment from their kids during the show.

Blind Luck
Hold a World’s Largest Blind Date promotion. Give 500 listeners tickets to attend a movie premiere. As the ticket holders enter the theatre select 20 to participate in the promotion. Give each male participant an envelope with a number in it. Give female participants envelopes with corresponding numbers. Before the movie begins lead the participants to the front of the theatre and introduce them to their blind dates for the evening. After the movie have the winners rejoin their dates. Have 10 limousines waiting to take the couples to dinner at a nice restaurant.

Morning Love Bus
For Valentine’s Day, give away a trip on the [CALLS] Morning Love Bus to the nearest ski resort with the morning team. Ask listeners to write about the most embarrassing love experience, bizarre love experience or strangest location of a love encounter. Use The Newlywed Game concept, choose a preset number of couples to travel on the Morning Love Bus to the ski resort for 3 days and nights of skiing and lodging.

Dud and a Stud
Select 3 attractive ladies, very different yet all successful. One week the “dud” has to go on 3 different dates and the following week you send your “stud” out with the 3 ladies. One of your staff members chaperones the dates and records everything that is said. You’d be amazed at what these fools talk about… or what they lie about. At the end of the week you take a collection of clips from each date and compare them. Have the individuals come in and plow them on trivia about one another. The guy that is picked gets to choose one of the ladies or take who ever he wanted. If he choses one of the girls then she has to choose between a vacation trip or a thousand dollar necklace.

Blindfold Speed Dating
Set up a date for about 30 to 60 of your listeners with the old speed dating rules. The only thing is everyone wears blindfolds so they are forced to get to know each other without any idea of physical appearance. Listeners write down their top 3 choices for a date. You then follow it up by getting a hotel to give you a banquet room on an off night and you have the blindfold speed dating dance. You never know what may come out of something like this. Could be one couple that winds up getting hitched.

This is a Valentine’s day schtick that your morning team can do the week prior to Valentine’s Day. It’s based off The Newlywed Game. They take a caller, who answers 5 questions about his/her mate (off the air). Then, they call the mate (with the original caller still on the other line) and ask him/her the same 5 questions–on the air. The number of correct matches determines what they win, but you should have consolation prizes for all. Each question is assigned a point value, and they have to reach a certain number of points to be put in the grand prize drawing for a jewellery store gift certificate. Questions should always change so that couples can’t “practice.” It’s a lot of fun to listen to on the air, especially with some rather personal questions in the mix.