Summer Promo Ideas

100 Pounds Soaking Wet
Parents bring their kids by, thoroughly soak them in their clothes and have them weighed. If they weigh exactly 100 pounds, they win (prize, etc.) Can be done at a water park, swimwear shop, pool/spa store. Good summer promotion.

Apartment Wars
As a summer promotion host a series of water volleyball tournaments at a variety of area apartment complexes.

Biggest Weenie
July is National Hot Dog Month. Hold a contest to find the skinniest guy in town. Winner receives a pound of hot dogs for every pound he weighs.

Boat Patrol
If you are near water, it’s cool to get a boat for the summer and use it as the official boat of your station. You can usually trade out a boat for mentions. Make sure that you don’t need a captain, or ask the boat place to provide one. Beer companies, soda companies, snack food, sun tan products are potential sponsors. Use if for contesting for listeners and for taking your clients out during the week. If they don’t sign, push them over.

Carny Makeover
This is the time of y ear when, sooner or later, most of us will find ourselves in a dusty lot, surrounded by marginally maintained rides that probably should have been condemned in ’77. But the real Promotional Hook? The people running these things. If you have to be out there, let’s have some fun with the ride operators. How about a Carny Makeover with a local salon doing total fashion and hair styling re-habs.

The Cineplex
A Cineplex is another place that draws masses of people. Send the van out to a different cineplex every weeknight during the summer. Why? Because that’s where the people go to beat the heat. Load the van up with promo material, park out front and meet people.

Dip ‘N’ Sip Pool Parties
One of the great undiscovered promotional venues in the summer is apartment complex swimming pools. In many markets these places are meccas of humanity, trying to beat the heat. Team up with a brewery and go out to host a pool party at a different complex every Saturday. It’s a low tech way of meeting the audience and living their lifestyle.

Drive-In Movies
There are fewer and fewer of these venues around. But if you’re fortunate enough to still have one in your market, make the most of it. Do a “Backseat Weekend” and award tickets to the drive-in, bug spray, breathmints, window defogger, and a bag of pre-popped popcorn.  Why not take your next movie premiere out of the sterile confines of a Mega-Plex and into the mosquito-filled skies of a drive-in?

End Of Summer Bash
Arrange for a popular, well known band to play at a lucky listeners Labour Day party. Listeners enter by writing a poem of why they deserve to have a private party with the band. The most creative poem wins. A great way to tie in other clients. It is also a way to promote the artist(s).

Hot Husband of the Month
Look for Hot Husbands. Hot Husband wins a GQ package from a local salon and spa, which includes a designer haircut, manicure, pedicure, massage, customized facial, beverage and lunch. Listening ladies who think their husband is hot can qualify him by signing up and registering on your website. Pictures are posted on your website of course.

Hot Summer Giveaway
What better way to beat the heat of summer than to give your listeners a chance to win a 19-foot Sea Ray boat and $10,000 in cool cash! This month-long campaign registers listeners on air with a summer sounder that awards them a qualifying prize pack with a cell phone (with 3 months of service) and a 12-pack of 7-up (sponsors). The boat can be donated by a local marina that has a well known restaurant on premesis. Conduct a total of five happy hour appearances every Friday during the contest to give listeners another chance to qualify (2 winners pulled from every appearance through register to win contest). As a final blowout, conduct a “last chance winning weekend” in which 25 winners are qualified. Each of the 130 total winners and a guest are invited to a grand blowout party to be held at the marina with the boat on display! While on site, they will pick up their cell phones and 7-Up (must be present to win). At the end of the night, dial a random cell phone number that belongs to one of the winners. The person who receives the call will win the grand prize! Ten runners up will each receive a summer fun prize pack.

Human Prize Wheel
This is appropriate if you have a ride at the local fair that spins while people stand on the outer edges and the force holds them there. It goes up and down, and of course round and round. Have a marker set up, marking the first prize spot along with other spots for secondary prizes. The person who is in the magic spot wins a car!

Listener Cool-Down
Here’s a quick, easy way to cool listeners down when the weather gets hot. Get Pepsi, Coke or even a local water bottler to give you some product to give away. Make sure it’s iced down and get in the station van delivering it to construction sites or other people working outside. Do some call-ins and make a big deal out of it. It’s a simple way to get people talking about your station.

Man Made Beach
If you live in a market that is far from a real beach, make your own!  Fill a large parking lot with sand. Broadcast from the “beach” and provide drinks. Have a beach volleyball contest and other summer games. Have a sand sculpture contest. Hand out free sun screen or hats.

Mr. Puniverse Contest
This is a cattle call for all men 125 pounds and under! Have a contest including events like: “fight your way out of a paper bag,” “arm wrestle a lady,” “Speedo bathing suit contest” and more. The winner receives various athletic prizes. Tie in the station’s favourite bar or water park.

Picnic in the Park
Set up a station “Picnic in the Park” deal at your local park. It should be an all-day event that will include sponsor booths, food vendors, demos from businesses, etc. You can also add a craft fair, face painting for the kids and even a local art show of some kind. Invite the safety officer from the local police/fire department for safety demonstrations and maybe get them to bring a police car or fire engine for added effect. Then after dark, have local bands/talent perform for evening entertainment. This will draw not only your listeners but anyone in the area during the day or evening because they’ll want to see what’s going on and will see that it’s your station hosting the event.

Pop, Soda, Water, Whatever Is Cold and Wet
Your vehicles should never go out during the summer if they’re not stocked with coolers filled with ice and soft drinks. The clients will give you a truckload just for the mentions. For someone sweating on a beach or at a pool on a hot Saturday in August, there could not possibly be a better item to give them.

Random Acts of COOLness
Stop by offices, parks, bus stops or construction sites and give away popsicles.

Rock & Roll Patio
This is the ultimate rock ‘n roll summer giveaway! Each summer have many format friendly acts playing locally and outdoors. Try to have about 10 shows overall. If you have the good fortune of tying in with the shows and doing the traditional meet and greet backstage, do that. Having access to these stars, you will have backstage at the conclusion of each concert an 18-inch square tile of wet concrete which you can have the performer (hopefully) give you a quick hand print and signature in. At the end of the summer, give away an outdoor patio to be built at the winner’s home which will have each celebrity square in the floor! Registration for the patio all summer at local home improvement store or your booth at any of the concerts. Hints: Have the tile ready and waiting after the show. Make sure mess is minimal and have running water and towels ready for quick clean up. Signature first with a regular pencil writing in the cement and handprints last. It will take them about 2 minutes.

Sand Sculpture Contest
Take your morning crew out to the beach for a sand sculpture contest. Invite listeners to come down, register and build their own sculpture in the sand. The station can award prizes for the best sculptures. Have different categories for businesses, charity organizations, kids, etc. While you’re there, have your jocks become part of the station’s sand sculpture. This is a great family event and a sure way to get your call letters in the local newspaper.

Someone Help Cool Us Off!
Do this mid-heatwave. Very simple. The jocks prep the audience by talking about how horribly hot it is in the building. It’s like 1000 degrees. Management is in budget-crunch mode so they want to wait to get the AC fixed. The morning show one morning just flips out. Decides to walk. It’s not HEALTHY, it’s so hot in the studio. Is there a listener who will let the station come and broadcast from their swimming pool all day? Phones will light up. Have all your ducks in their proverbial rows ahead of time, but seemingly spontaneously call the Coke rep and the ice cream rep and get deliveries promised. Be at a home within 60 minutes, broadcasting, frolicking…and inviting everyone in town to join you. The station AC gets fixed that afternoon. It’s really just an excuse to go and do something stupid and hang with listeners.

Stay Cool at the Pool
Sponsor a pool party at a local swimming pool. Have relay contests, barbeque, T-shirt contests if your station fits that character, and make sure the jocks leave their Speedos at home.

Summer Contest
Give away a scooter and sailboard in an “Impossible Challenge”…One trivia question per day at :20 after the hour all morning…On Friday, answer all four to win!!!

Summer Fountain
Broadcast live from a large fountain (or splash pad) on a really hot day.  Give away Summer Survival Packs filled with prizes from sponsors.  Go one step further and have a sponsor serve cold drinks.

Walk On Water
Contestants build their own “buoyancy shoes” out of things like plastic pipe, cardboard, duct tape, polystyrene, etc. Can’t spend more than $100, no propellers or paddles. Then they walk across a swimming pool. If more than one makes it all the way, then the fastest time wins. Can be done at a public pool or pool manufacturer.