Mothers Day

The Best Mom
Listeners send in postcards telling why their mom is the best. The best entries are read on the air during the week preceding Mother’s Day. Winners have one hour to call the station to claim the prize: a dinner and department store gift certificate for mom.

Diamond Dig
On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and after the local minor league game, all mothers will be allowed on the infield (the diamond) to dig for diamonds that have been buried there before hand. It’s crazy! The infield is hard as a rock, and they dig with plastic spoons only. Break your spoon and you have to run back and get another one! Put jewellery under the noses of women and watch out!

Diamond Mine
Set up a sandbox complete with one or two diamonds and several rocks (stones) the same size as the diamonds. Give contestants 10 seconds to sift thru the sand with a sifter and the first one(s) to find the diamonds, wins.

Get Mom Lei’d
Send a mom off to relax on the beaches of Hawaii. The promoting plays heavily on the double meanings offered by this homonym. “Your mom will get lei’d when she lands. She’ll get lei’d at the hotel. Maybe even during dinner.”

Makeovers for Mother’s Day
The reason these things work on “Oprah” is the powerful payoff. Find a sponsor location that will do everything (hair, makeup, clothes). You must insist that all the friends and relatives of the woman getting the makeover are there when she “comes out” as the finished product. Otherwise, it’s just your show going “Wow, you really look good.”

Military Moms
Can you possibly imagine being the mother of a deployed soldier? Every time that the phone rings you’d probably levitate a foot off your chair. Take a bunch of moms of soldiers out in a limo for a day of spa pampering and shopping to help get their minds off the terror and fear that they’re living in.

This warm and fuzzy event brings mothers and daughters together for breast cancer screening followed by lunch at a client’s.

The Mother Load
Here’s a Mother’s Day promotion that features daily prizes for 10 days and the grand prize (the Mother Load) of a Mercedes for a year. Prizes are donated by local hotels, restaurants, airlines, retailers and more with the prize value exceeding $100,000. The companies who donate prizes receive promotional posters where information about a local celebrity is relayed via his/her mom. Included are known items like celebrity name, birth date, etc. Also included are little “secrets” like celebrity nickname, childhood anecdotes, etc. Posters also have lottery-like numbers attached to them which will be used for the grand prize drawing.  Each company only features one celebrity to encourage traffic into the retail shop, showroom, ticket office, etc. Posters are also featured on select websites on specific dates and times (promoted via the show) to increase on-site hits. Once a day for 10 days, have a tape of the celebrity mom talking about her “baby.” Included in her 15-second bit is information found within the poster. Callers have to guess the celebrity and his/her mom’s name to win the daily prize and to qualify for the Mother Load. The 10 finalists meet at the main stage of one of your large shopping centres and each is given the number that was featured on their celebrity’s poster. Surround it with a lot of hype and have the place packed with well wishers. Numbers are drawn one at a time and large number cards can be made to hang from the stage, a backdrop behind the Mercedes filled with gifts and prizes.

Mother’s Day Match Game
Put photos of each air personality’s mom on the website and have listeners match the picture to his or her mother’s picture. Then hold a random drawing from all the correct entries to win dinner for the entire family on Mother’s Day and a gift certificate for Mom at a local spa.

Mother’s Day Olympics
Qualify listeners for a contest on who can dress your morning show host(s) in baby clothes the fastest. The winning mom receives prizes from a variety of sponsors.

Mother’s Day
Every time you play a song with the words “mama,” “mom,” or “mother” in the title, give away a prize to one of your callers. Or, if you know the songs well enough, every time a song has those words anywhere in it. You could also set up a grand prize drawing, and make those who call in for the “mama” songs eligible for the drawing. Good for time spent listening.

The Pearls of Wisdom
For Mother’s Day: Have listeners call in and share the most outrageous, silliest “pearls of wisdom” (advice) their mothers ever gave them. The craziest one wins a strand of pearls for mom.

Throw Momma On A Plane
Mother’s Day Promotion: Give away a round trip airfare anywhere in the continent. Listeners call in to identify the voice of a famous mother (Wilma Flintstone, June Cleaver, etc.) to win a daily prize, and qualify for the grand prize trip.

Yo Mama!
Mother’s Day promotion where customers/audience has to guess which mother belongs to which clerk/deejay/anchorperson, etc. Mothers cut promos/write descriptions of what their child was like growing up — contestants have to make the match in order to win. Can be tied into restaurants with “Mama” in their name