Fathers Day

100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
Partner with a local restaurant and have them feature one specialty beer a night, offered at a special price for the night. The next day, callers are asked to identify the specialty beer. The promotion runs for 6 mornings, on 7th day (Father’s Day), finalists come to the restaurant and play musical chairs to the song, “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” The remaining person wins the grand prize Father’s Day extravaganza: dinner for four, a lazy boy chair, 100 bottles of specialty beers, and tickets to a local sporting event, including limo.

Bicycle Race For Dad
Get involved with a cycle shop (you’ll need a big one) and set up this on air and on site event. Say, we want to know “how good your dad is with his hands?” Take calls and nominations of dads to take part in the Bicycle Race. The comedy comes from the nomination calls. Ask the mothers/wives how good dad is with his hands, ask the kids what things dad’s fixed or broken around the house, etc. On site draw 5 dads who’ll each be given a mountain bike, in pieces. The dad who assembles his bike and does a lap in the shortest time, wins a brand new 24-speed, etc.

Biggest Dad
Go looking for the “biggest” Dad. This could be height or weight or combo.

Channel Surfing
Do a channel surfing contest for prizes. Get a dad on the phone with a remote control in hand. Run through a bunch of stuff he needs to channel surf to find… play-by-play, news, etc. See how fast he can find stuff. You have to be able to hear it on the air.

Dad For A Day
There are, no doubt, a lot of single moms out there with kids who are going to sit at home and watch TV on Fathers Day. So this opens up the field for someone, like you and your station, to come in and brighten their day. The male members of the air staff take a couple of hundred kids from single parent families to a ballgame. They barbecue in the parking lot before the game, they all get programs and popcorn and their moms all get a day off..

Dad’s Day BBQ Race
Ten dads will race to assemble 10 Weber grills without the instructions. Then they line up in the real starters gate “and they’re off!” They drag their grills down the track and the winner gets a whole raft of patio furniture. All the dads keep their grills and some other goodies from the local butcher.

Daddy Baby Look-A-Like
The idea being to find the daddy and baby that look most alike. Do it at a mall, or set it up anywhere. Get local celebrities to act as judges. Dads and babies come out a pair at a time and try to impress the judges. It can get pretty goofy. Dads wearing diapers, babies with beards and tattoos. You’ll probably get TV coverage.

Desperate Dad Contest
For Father’s Day, conduct a scavenger hunt. The first dad to get to your studios with the six items is the winner. Drag the clues out for the first three hours of the show to build suspense, but also repeat the earlier clues every time you give a new one for the benefit of those just tuning in.

Father Knows Best
Do a dating game on the morning show that has one overly protective father screening through the hoards of horny guys who want to take out his lovely daughter. Great “tension factor”.

Father Mows Best
For Father’s Day, set up an obstacle course that dads ride through on a lawn mower, stopping at various stations to do everything from change a diaper (on a doll) to pound nails to fold laundry. It’s a hoot to watch and the winner gets a mower, fee lawn care for a year, a grill, free tools, tickets to a local game…

Father’s Day Greeting
Solicit for little kids to call in and say a Father’s Day greeting on the air. Tape them, edit it down to three or four greetings per segment, and run them throughout the morning. You could even turn this into a contest. Play the greeting on the air later in the morning. If dad calls in within a specified amount of time and ID’s his kid, he wins!

Father’s Day Sit Off
Ten fathers will compete for a room full of furniture, entertainment centre, golf clubs and a golf vacation. All they have to do is act naturally. Have an outdoor setup with recliners, TVs, and cell phones. They’ll be given one 5-minute break an hour. The last dad left sitting wins all the prizes.

What dad doesn’t like to golf? What about a golf tournament…a miniature golf tournament pitting families against each other for the chance to go to Disney.

Know Yer Dad
Encourage listeners to call you and tell you how to get hold of their fathers. Ask dad 4 questions (try 1 true/false, 2 multiple choice and 1 open-ended question) about themselves or their relationship with their son/daughter. Record the answers and then get both on the air and ask the kid the same 4 questions. If they match 3 of 4, give them a certificate for Father’s Day dinner at a local restaurant.

Lazy Dad Race
Find an old, beat-up recliner. Attach wheels to it and race it around a client’s parking lot. A son/daughter must push dad through an obstacle course. The winner receives an ultimate remote package.

Queer Eye For the Dad Guy
Do a fashion makeover for dads. Tie in a men’s clothing store. Hold a fashion show with sponsors providing snacks, refreshments, samples, etc.

Ultimate Father’s Day Gift
Give five dads each a $100 department store gift card, dinner for four at Outback Steakhouse, and a free one-hour massage from a local massage parlour. To win, dads (or their kids) just have to e-mail, fax, or mail in their “Proudest Moment as a Dad.” Read the winning entry on the air each morning and give those dads the prizes. Kind of a warm fuzzy thing to do with Father’s Day that only takes up one short break each morning.

 Other Ideas:

  • Liberate Dad from the yard work. This prize can be traded with a yard service company and may include mowing the grass in the summer and plowing in the winter
  • Have an ugliest tie contest with the winner receiving a wardrobe from a fine men’s store or department store.
  • Give dad new golf clubs, or if he doesn’t play-lessons!
  • Other prizes: Barcalounger and large screen TV, self propelled or riding lawn mower, tools, baseball tickets