Tortoise & The Hare
An Easter promotion with a Ninja Turtle (the tortoise) and the Easter Bunny (the hare) where you offer breakfast with the characters and the kids… with Ninja Turtle movies/videos or Ninja Turtle section at a toy store… special price package on turtles and rabbits at a pet store… a tortoise and the hare race between a costumed Ninja Turtle and a rabbit (could be a celebrity race with the celebs wearing the costume).

Adult Carat Hunts
Work with a local shopping mall to host an Easter Egg Hunt for adults. Invite adult listeners to dress in bunny outfits and search the mall for plastic eggs that contain prizes. Put a quarter carat diamond in one egg.

Adult Easter Egg Hunt
Hold an adult Easter egg hunt on the station’s front lawn. Certificates with numbers that corresponded to a numbered list of prizes (cell phones, diamond rings, etc) are hidden inside the eggs; each adult claims one egg. (Note: if you do this, keep it cryptic. Otherwise greedy bunnies will look inside the egg to see if they want that prize, like all the losers who scratch the bottoms of chocolates before they eat them!) To perk it up: adults must hop from place to place until they find the eggs. Get a fast food joint to kick in breakfast and you’re good to go.

Bunny Money
The Friday before Easter, announce a time and place where you’ll be later in the day. A mall parking lot usually works best to do this. A crowd gathers, and you pull up in a limo. Pop your heads out the top and throw plastic Easter eggs into the crowd, either containing candy or something cool like cash, concert tickets, certificates for CD’s, trips – you name it. People go nuts for this. Add a guy in a bunny suit to hop around and it’s an amazingly easy and popular Easter promotion. Thinking about it, you can probably modify this for any holiday or event.  Tip – tell listeners not to bring kids. This isn’t an Easter Egg Hunt. You don’t want the little ones squished.

Chocolate Bunnies & Tooth Brushes
As an Easter promotion, work with a local chapter of the Dental Association to have someone in a bunny suit pass out tooth brushes and chocolate bunnies.

Easter Bunny Brunch
Here’s a promotion to celebrate the birth of spring. Give away a party that everyone in the family can enjoy with a beautiful, fully catered Sunday brunch in a listener’s home. What’s that? You think the kids won’t enjoy brunch, well then while the adults enjoy the buffet, the kids will be entertained by the Easter Bunny, as he coordinates an Easter Egg Hunt for them! This promotion is a great sales opportunity that will touch a number of different age groups.

Easter Egg Drop
Organize an Egg Drop to celebrate Easter. Qualify (frequency) listeners to compete. Each person must create an apparatus to catch the raw egg, an apparatus that will catch the egg without it breaking. Eggs will be dropped from a giant scissor lift. The lift will rise higher and higher as the rounds continue. The last egg “standing” wins a great prize.  Secure runner up prizes as well.

Easter Egg Roulette
To celebrate Easter, take your morning show on the road and set up a game of “Easter Egg Roulette.” The way it’s done is contestants come out and choose an Easter egg and “smash” it against their forehead. If the egg breaks they win concert tickets.

Peep Show
Buy a romance novel (something with amazing, yet radio friendly lines to read). Stuff your face with peeps (those marshmallow Easter treats).  The listeners will call up give a page, paragraph and line, which you will then read.  If they can figure out what you’re saying they will win something.

Stunt Bunny
Have someone dress up in an Easter bunny costume during the morning show. The bunny will have little plastic eggs with pieces of paper in them that have prizes the winner can claim from the radio station, as well as local retailers. The Easter bunny will hide eggs around town, and listeners have to go look for the Easter bunny to find the eggs.

Supermarket Easter Egg Hunt
Station and sponsor supermarket hide “XXX” Easter eggs in a park. Kids who find the most eggs win an Easter prize.