Canada Day


99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
A public service campaign for a radio station whose frequency is “99” (could be any 92-99, but 99 works the best). As a precursor to a big holiday (Canada Day, Christmas, New Years), all the jocks on the station are brought in to drink 99 bottles of beer (collectively) and show the negative effects of alcohol (you could use people other than deejays). The local/provincial police monitor the event and pass out tips about safe drinking/driving. You could use a tag line like “If that’s what they’re like behind a microphone… can you imagine them behind the WHEEL?”

Canada Day Banner
In case every single fireworks display is already sponsored or you’re just looking for a new idea, try renting a plane to pull one of those old fashioned banners around with a station message.

Canada Day Weekend
Where are a lot of your listeners going to be the weekend of the 1st? At the nearest theme park. So you, as the savvy Promotions Professional, need to find an excuse to be there.

Fireworks Ferries
Rent out some busses and/or vans and have them transport people from client locations to wherever the fireworks will be held and back. Maybe charge a small fee which goes to charity.

Fireworks Party
Team up with a local bar with a patio that has the best view of the City’s Canada Day fireworks display and have a private party for a group of lucky winners. Qualify winners who receive as a grand prize their own private party in a corner of the bar’s patio section, and tie in with a pool and spa company to supply a hot tub that the winner gets to keep. Have a beer sponsor and the club provides food for the party.

Fireworks Viewing Platform
Going to watch the fireworks can be a real pain – parking, walking three miles to find a square of sod to plop your blanket, lines at the Porta Potties…it’s generally a hassle. Which leaves the door wide open for your station to find a cool viewing platform and give out tickets on the air. Rooftops, boats, revolving restaurants: every market has an ultra great spot to get above the maddening crowds and enjoy the show. Lock it down today and you’ll have a great lifestyle prize for your listeners.

Take Stock in Canada
For the 1st of July, give away Canada Savings Bonds. Add to it some stock from local corporations (they may donate 1-2 shares).

Hmmm…300,000 people stuck in cars, clogging the arteries that head out of town. Is that a promotional opportunity or what? Take over a rest area that is a popular pee-break stop for people heading to the cottage or lake or beach. Set up, fill people’s coolers with ice and pop, sticker cars, and wave at the thousands of cars that roll past.
Another great idea would be to determine the main highway that everyone is going to use and hang a giant banner from an overpass, saying something like “Cities 97 Wishes You A Great And Safe Canada Day!” Then, on Sunday night, at the same overpass but on the opposite side, hang a banner saying “John and Jane Welcome You Home! Catsh Us Tomorrow Morning On Cities 97!” Maybe have a song title and do a stealth contest: the only way to know to call and win was to have seen the banner.

Ultimate Backyard Giveway
With summer comes warm weather, BBQ’s, friends, family and lots of fun.  Capitalize on that fun with a promotion that has proved to be great with listeners and generate a large amount of revenue. “The Ultimate Backyard Giveaway” runs over a 3-week period. During that time give away a total of 100 Canada Day Party Packs that have an assortment of “party necessities” including summer wearables, coupons for hotdogs, pop and more. Each of the winners is then qualified to win the grand prize, a Hawaiian Fiesta Spa, a grill and an atrium and umbrella patio set. Culminate the promotion by hosting a live broadcast at one of the store locations of the company that awarded the grand prize with your morning show. Listeners who were qualified are required to be present to win. While on site, grill up hot dogs and package it with some chips and pop and sell it for a charity.