console-programmingStrategic Planning
Your radio station is facing more and more competition, both from traditional media and the new forms of media such as the Internet and social media. Therefore it’s vital that your station has a plan to ensure you build listener loyalty and become the “go to station” in your market. It’s often not an easy task, and can require considerable resources and dedication, and we can help you get there. If you don’t have a plan you may have already lost the battle. For more information contact us here.

Station Monitoring
We offer a comprehensive 16-hour station monitor, where we come into your market and conduct a full monitor of your station and your direct competition. We will meet your management teach before we leave the market to give a verbal overview and our full written report is sent to you a few days later. This is a great way to get to know each other, and gives you a good feel for what we can do for your radio station. For more information contact us here.

Talent Development
We monitor each of your major talent during market visits, and hold either individual, or group announcers meeting during the visit. We keep track of their development between visits via a tape monitoring system. We can also tailor training programs to your specific needs: Your staff receives exactly what they need to arm them with the tools to win, and your station pays only for what is needed. Our sessions are fun and interactive. Your talent will be exposed to new thinking, learn new ways to show prep, and leave with a clear picture of what is required to win. We present this via a Power Point presentation, and play lots of audio examples to inspire and motivate. We include some practical exercises, and overall your staff will have fun while learning. For more information contact us here.

Market Visits
Our trips are a full on two-day working visit. From the moment we hit town we monitor your station and the competition. We agree on the tasks to be completed prior to the visit, and on arrival we get to work, looking at your music, information, personalities, promotion, imaging and marketing. On the second day we work with management and staff to improve your product using our proven systems. You receive a full written report within a few days of the visit, including a plan of action. You would receive two visits per year, with extra visits based on your requirements and subject to availability. For more information contact us here.

Music Calls
We analyze national call out music research, and have access to other music research data. We provide a “Hot Fax” via fax or email, so you have the most updated and informed data available. We talk either weekly, or bi-weekly with your Program Director to discuss additions, drops, changes and trends. For more information contact us here.

Finding the Right Staff
We can assist in the staff search for air talent and programming staff. We’ll short list the candidates, we conduct a complete background check on them and run them through our personality profiling system to ensure the person chosen is the right fit for the job. We save you time and money. For more information contact us here.

Marketing and Promotions Strategies and Tactics
We pride ourselves on our ability to generate promotions and concepts that excite the market and either build TSL and/or cume. It’s becoming harder to “move the needle” with limited budgets, in a world where you can scratch and win a million dollars at the corner store. We work with your staff to design a 12-month marketing plan, and look for opportunities to generate additional sales revenue. For more information contact us here.

Music Software
We will do a detailed study of your music scheduling software, and work with your staff to fine tune and improve your system. We will also review your music library and offer suggestions to ensure you are playing the right music to appeal to you target audience. For more information contact us here.

Aircheck Services
We provide a monthly audio sampler of different day-parts and different formats to inspire and motivate on air talent. It is a great idea resource for your talent, as they can hear how others make those front-sells, request phoners, or contest call-getters so interesting and compelling. For more information contact us here.