Chris Byrnes

Chris Byrnes

Chris started his broadcast career in New Zealand in the late 70’s, and spent three years in an intensive training program with Radio New Zealand.

He spent his first few years moving from market to market working on the air and in programming, and became one of that country’s youngest Program Directors. He was later promoted to a Corporate Program Director and given a number of radio stations to look after.

Chris was a founding shareholder of The More FM Group and was an active part of the management team that built the group into one of the most successful and profitable groups in the South Pacific. He acted as the Group PD for the 12 station chain until it’s sale in 1997.

He moved to Canada with his family in late 1997 and took up a position as Corporate PD for a group of radio stations until he formed ByrnesMedia in 2000.

His international awards include Program Director of the Year, Promotions Director of the Year, plus his stations were voted Station of the Year in 1993, 1996, and 1997. In Canada, stations he worked with were voted Station of the Year in 1998 and 1999.

In 2003 Chris was eager to get back into radio ownership and identified an Ontario market that no longer had a local radio station. After commissioning the appropriate technical, economic and audience studies he wrote and filed an application with the C.R.T.C. in early 2004 which resulted in a competitive hearing as five other companies responded to the call for applications. A Public hearing was held in June 2005 and 84 days later, his company was awarded the FM license. On 9 April 2006 104.7 Heart FM Woodstock officially launched and quickly became the most listened to radio station in Oxford County. On 1 June 2015 Heart FM became the first commercial radio station to launch HD radio. Chris has ownership interests in other radio stations in Canada, and also owns radio stations internationally.

Contract Chris by e-mail at or phone (905) 332-1331.