Radio Fever

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Mike Dougherty, CEO & Co-founder, Jelli discusses why radio advertising is experiencing a renaissance and why advertisers should capitalize on this growing medium  

Radio is seeing a renaissance. While reach has never waned, the misperception that it’s been on the decline has dominated headlines. But the tides are turning with advertisers left and right raising their radio ad spend. Reasons include recent challenges with digital — Facebook debacle is a case point — general brand safety issues and murky returns on TV ad spend, among others.

But the main reasons is it works. In the U.S. alone, people spend more than 202 billion minutes listening to audio each week. Of that total, 188.6 billion minutes come from AM / FM radio. In short, the opportunity is massive.

If you aren’t convinced already, here are few a more reasons why radio should be a big item on your annual ad budget.

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