The FM Chip: A Potential Life Saver In Troubled Times

ByrnesMedia supports the activation of the FM chip in cell phones as we believe this would be good for the public and also the broadcast industry. The following is a real life example of why activating the FM chip is important. The federal regulators in Canada do not appear to have an appetite to force the manufacturers hand in this matter, but perhaps stories like this might resonate with those who make those decisions.

The FM Chip: A Potential Life Saver In Troubled Times

Over a foot of rain fell in the city of West Plains, Missouri, in a short time on April 29, 2017. That rain, coupled with nearly two feet of rainwater from storms north of town flowing through the city’s saturated waterways, led to dozens of water rescues in town and several hundred thousand dollars of damage. Amazingly, there were no fatalities.

A low-water crossing near West Plains City Hall hits nearly 10 feet several hours after the flooding event in West Plains. Several hundred homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed by the floodwaters.

As a local radio broadcaster, the Ozark Radio Network has long supported the activation of FM chips in smartphones. But it wasn’t until a devastating flood hit our rural Missouri town and the surrounding area last year that we experienced firsthand the real importance of getting the FM chip activated.

The Ozark Radio Network, a family-owned group of five radio stations and a local news website in rural Southern Missouri, has played a vital part in serving our community during good and bad times for over 70 years. In fact, the local emergency preparedness coordinators consider us part of their communications team. The stations and website have been key players in disseminating information before, during, and after tornadoes, ice storms, and power outages. However, nothing prepared the community of West Plains and other surrounding towns for the devastation that occurred in late April of last year.

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