“Alexa” Battles “Home” at CES. Radio Should be Watching.

The world’s largest search company is not going to let the world’s largest online retail website win the voice-enabled home-assistant war without a big fight. Google has taken over Las Vegas, promoting it’s product “Home” in an effort to gain ground on Amazon’s Echo. And radio should take notice that Google is a serious player in this fight, and make sure their radio stations are not only Alexa-enabled, but also Google Home-enabled.

Google has wallpapered the streets of Las Vegas with the words “Hey Google” during CES and Google has installed a twirling slide and a ball pit in the convention center parking lot to attract attendees. Wired reports you can barely turn around without seeing a “Hey Google” billboard reminding you of the power of the company’s voice-activated bot. “Google Assistant is everywhere in Vegas because Google wants desperately for Assistant to be everywhere in your gadgets.”

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