Are You Wasting Your Time with Social Media?

Maybe it’s just me who head-scratches when I see a pic of a colourful playout system on social media posted by an enthusiastic presenter: “I’m on the radio now” Yeah? Or worse: “This is my view for the next three hours”.

Similarly, a pic posted of a screen-shot of the next track they’re about to play/played some time before I saw it: “This is a banger”.

It’s a little like saying ‘come and see my new car’ – and then showing someone a pic of the engine. A car is sold on the pride, the speed, the freedom – not a pic of its engine. A song is not about its title printed on screen – it’s a three dimensional visceral experience. To reduce it to a prosaic line of text diminishes its promise – unless your accompanying social media remark truly adds value.

This really is the broader question of a digital strategy. Why do stations and individuals spend their time, money and energies on their assorted social media presences and websites?

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