Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2017-359-1

Call for comments on the Governor in Council’s request for a report on future programming distribution models – Extension to the deadline to file comments

New deadline for submission of comments: 1 December 2017

1. Further to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2017-359, the Commission received procedural requests from the Forum for Research and Policy in Communications and the Coalition pour la culture et les médias requesting an extension to the deadline for submitting comments.

2. The Commission recognizes the vital role that public consultation plays in all of its processes and in this process in particular. In Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2017-359, the Commission announced the first step it intends to take in consulting Canadians and various stakeholders to develop the report requested by the Governor in Council. The Commission anticipates that this report will play an important role in the development of future policy and regulatory approaches to program distribution.

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