Millennial Myths and Realities

on 12 July 2016 Music Biz, a company that promotes online music, released some research they commissioned via LOOP that indicates 15-19 year old American are tuning away from Radio to Embrace Streaming.

Cumulus/Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard looked at data from Nielsen, Edison Research, and the Advertising Research Foundation and appears to offer a more balanced response which you can see in the slides below.

Westwood One examined frequently heard beliefs about Millennial media habits and used research from Nielsen, Edison Research, and The Advertising Research Foundation to check the facts on these assumptions.

Bouvard makes some good points as always, but we do need to be careful  we are not ignoring this issue. The reality is, not every radio station wants to or actually targets this demographic.  We consult Top 40/CHR stations that target this demographic so we know how fickle this audience can be, and even more importantly how challenging it is to get  accurate listening stats via a paper diary system.

Bob McCurdy, from Beasley Media Group knows about data and made some interesting comments here

What are your thoughts on this topic?