More changes coming to Facebook

facebook radio

The war between Facebook and Twitter seems to be heating up again. Facebook has announced some new features and tools to make it easier for people to see what is going on in the world by beefing up the news and trending sections on their social media platform. This is in an effort to close the gap on Twitter which is perceived to be the platform to send out breaking news.

These changes that Facebook are making may create an opportunity for broadcasters to get more of their news stories read and exposed to a greater audience.  Broadcasters will also be able to see the big stories breaking on Facebook both locally and beyond. Facebook believes that stories will be able to be broken faster and exposed to a greater number of people than ever before.

Also look for some new search tools on the mobile Facebook site in early 2015 that allows users to dig deeper and explore more details about a particular story.

Facebook hopes these changes will create more engagement and expose their advertising as more people spend longer periods of time on Facebook.

Facebook has 1.3 billion users while Twitter has about 285 million, so Facebook is still the way to go to reach a larger audience. But Twitter says it has more influence because people want to know what leaders, celebrities and brands are saying. Facebook on the other hand positions itself as a way to stay connected with friends and family. They also say that Facebook allows you to find out what is going on in the world and to express and share what matters to people.