Bell Media Reveals Results of Study on Investment in Radio Advertising

Bell_Media_Eng_Hor_Colour 150pixFlowing close on the heels of the US study about the power of radio and the return on investment for advertisers, now there is Canadian research that shows that for every dollar invested in radio, advertisers saw an average return on investment (ROI) of $5.42. The study provides homegrown data that complements international efforts supporting advertising agencies and media-buying clients around the world. The release coincides with the launch of Bell Media’s new industry-wide awareness campaign Radio ROI Delivers, which offers quick-click access to advertisers looking for more detailed ROI information on their potential radio investments.

The findings of the study, which are based on a 10-year aggregate of marketing communications results, were produced in partnership with expert Canadian marketing firm, Custometrics. The results of the Custometrics research mirror additional industry findings, expressing a significant positive return on radio investments.

“We are excited to share radio’s ROI story with our clients,” said Dean Rutherford, Vice- President of National Radio Sales, Bell Media. “All mediums need to earn their place in an ever-evolving media landscape, and this study clearly showcases that radio advertising delivers profitable results for our advertisers and optimizes ROI when utilized in multimedia communication strategies.”

In addition to the Custometrics study, Bell Media’s leading research division has packaged a research compendium which will be shared with national and local clients across the country.

“We are looking categorically at radio’s ability to lift sales and to define strong media mix channels that move the needle in our clients’ marketing and communications plans,” said Dave Daigle, Vice-President, Local Radio and Television Sales, Bell Media. “Cross-platform opportunities increase immensely with the addition of radio communications to television and call-to-action digital components.”

Bell Media has also recently partnered with an additional advertising client to dive deeper into the insights and synergies that deliver ROI, addressing specific advertising categories. The Bell Media research team expects to release further findings within the next several weeks.

“This is an exciting time in media as we are able to use predictive and regression modelling to determine sales impact by media channel,” said Alicia Olson-Keating, Senior Director of Research, Bell Media. “If we can use detailed information and insights to help clients maximize their advertising budgets, we are doing our due diligence and giving advertisers the confidence they need.”