Atlanta Morning Show Pulls Off Timely Stunt

JustinBWith Justin Bieber quickly becoming the celebrity people love to hate, at least in the USA, an Atlanta rock radio station 100.5 managed to pull off a stunt that got lots of attention in the city and beyond.


A rumor circulated that Justin Bieber was considering moving to a suburb of Atlanta.  His “potential neighbors” preempted the move with a planned protest.

But it was the radio station morning show who organised a fake protest outside a house on the market in Buckhead. They admitted to creating the entire protest under the name the “Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition” with radio show personality Tim Andrews from the morning show pretending to be Harold White, a spokesman for the group.

National news and entertainment outlets including CNN, TMZ and Perez Hilton and even the BBC ran the story.

What is interesting is this radio station did not send out any press releases, and used social media to get the word out. This is a timely reminder to check your facts before running such a story.