Why Marketers Need to Reevaluate Radio, the World’s Most Popular Medium

benjamin_palmer_webRadio Executives have been preaching the  benefits of radio for years trying to increase their share of the advertising pie. Radio reaches 90%+ of most Canadians in any given week, and about the same number in the USA according to Arbitron.

Radio is considered the go to medium for timely news and local content especially when disasters strikes, radio is attracting only about 15% of the advertising pie.

But recently one of the Advertising agency heavy hitters  is telling the industry that radio is a great medium to reach consumers with because of its power, intimacy, and relationship it has with consumers. Benjamin Palmer is one of the most respected voices in the world of interactive and digital, so when he talks people then to listen. He is CEO of the Barbarian Group and agency that looks after the likes of Pepsi, GE, Samsung, and Bloomberg. read what he has to say about radio  in an op-ed piece in Advertising Age here.