Vista Radio Ltd. invites you to “Join the Conversation” on 105.1 & 101.1 2dayFM

2dayfmlogo 150pixToday marks an evolution in the Niagara radio landscape.  That evolution is the

NEW 2day FM on 105.1 and 101.1.

2day FM embraces an on-air, on-line and on-site philosophy. Encompassing one great station on two frequencies, 105.1 & 101.1, the reach of 2day FM has increased to include the entire Niagara Region and Upper New York State.  A proven audience now has twice the ability to listen in their homes, in their cars and on-line.

105.1 & 101.1 2day FM is real radio. There’s no over-produced radio hype of other stations. What 2day FM will do is connect the Niagara Region by using social media platforms to allow Niagara and Upper New York State residents to actively “Join the Conversation”.

Vista Radio Ltd. President Geoff Poulton says “2day FM is a unique take on where Vista thinks radio in 2013 should be.  2day FM is highly interactive and will always be great fun to listen to.”

2day FM General Manager Wendy Gray is excited to see 6 weeks of hard work by a new line up of on-air hosts launch on the Niagara radio dial and on-line. “For the first time listeners have an outlet to express themselves about different topics of the real world using Facebook, Twitter and SMS or by calling the 2day studio.  We won’t be feeding you what every radio station is, we’ll let the listener drive the 2day FM bus and tell us what you want from us.  We are excited to engage a vibrant community and give everyone a voice.”

2Day FM Director of Programming Drew Keith says “Vista radio is excited to introduce 2Day FM to the Niagara Region. Hit music…now on two frequencies.  It’s a better way to serve our communities.   2Day FM doesn’t just describe the music played, it describes the type of radio station we are.  Listening to 2Day FM you can expect caring and honest hosts, who play really good music with very few commercial interruptions.

Welcome to radio for a new decade – 105.1 and 101.1,2Day FM.”

Join the conversation on-line at, on Facebook 2dayfmNiagara, on Twitter @2dayfmNiagara

For more information contact:

Vista Radio President       2dayFM General Manage      2day FM Program Dir.
Geoff Poulton                        Wendy Gray                              Drew Keith      905-356-6710 ext. 229    905-356-6710 ext. 230