Mega Music Update

Greg Diamond – ByrnesMedia

A few months back I introduced you to Terry McArthur and Tim Morris of Mega Music Canada. Given that many stations are finalizing their budgets for the next fiscal, now would be a good time to give you a reminder of their service and how it can benefit you with your CCD expenditures.

Often cheques are simply written out to FACTOR or other traditional recipients and by no means am I saying these organizations are unworthy of additional funding. But the fact remains that there are options that exist that provide great support for developing Canadian artists that also deliver valuable marketing, promotion and branding to stations in the process. Mega Music Canada is a prime example.

Mega Music provides a turnkey solution to radio stations by providing a means to mass distribute free music via branded digital download cards. Recipients of the station’s free music are then directed to a fully customized redemption store populated with music that reflects the station’s format and playlist. Mega Music is licenced by all of the major record companies and key independents, thereby providing accessibility to the most current and in-demand Canadian artists and songs across all musical genres.

Their year end service works as follows:

  • Should a station have an uncommitted balance of CCD funds that must be spent before year end, Mega Music will invoice the station prior to August 31 and hold these funds in an account that may be accessed by the station for campaigns that may run at any time in the following broadcast year.
  • Mega Music will provide all receipts and documentation required for submission to the CRTC.
  • Mega Music Canada has been approved by the CRTC as a fully-sanctioned partner for CCD funds and all expenditures are 100% CCD compliant.

For more information on how Mega Music works, you can visit their website at and make sure to click on their instructional video in the “How It Works” section.

You can also contact Terry directly by emailing him at or calling (403) 616-7339.