PPM Results – Spring 2013 – Montreal

CJAD resumes it stranglehold on the market. The Beat showed that their winter results were no fluke. They remain in 2nd and are virtually flat book to book. Virgin bounced back nicely after a poor showing in the last ratings. They added almost 2 full shares and remain in 3rd. CHOM is the picture of consistency with yet another book in the 13’s. The remainder of Montreal was fairly static.

Share – Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.
Cume (000) – Expressed in thousands, this is the total number of people who were exposed to the stations for at least one minute during the analyzed period.
Average Daily Universe – The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.