Super Bowl 2013 TV Commericals

Canadian’s will get to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, but they will once again be deprived of seeing what some view as the most entertaining party of the game… the TV commercials. By the way Google reports that more Canadians will search online for Super Bowl commercials than any other country.

All the big companies such as Volkswagon, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Doritos, Coca-Cola have posted teaser trailers or full-length commercials online, ahead of the big game. Here then are some of my favorite American TV commercials we will not get to see this weekend in on Canadian TV.

This is a great spot from Audio called “Prom” commercial and features an ending that was voted on by viewers in an online poll:

Here is VW’s spot which features Jimmy Cliff’s version of “Get Happy” and some Jamaican accents which is catching some flack because of the racist overtones.

Toyota features its new RAV4 model (built in Woodstock Ontario by the way) in a 60-second commercial featuring Kaley Cuoco, from “The Big Bang Theory” as a genie granting wishes.

KIA have a great spot which answers the question where do babies come from?

The big winner on the day was the baby Clydesdale commercial for Budweiser based on all the social media metrics. It generated over 60,000 tweets in the moments after it was aired and so far it has been viewed over 1.7 million times on Youtube.