New iPhone 5 Announced in San Francisco

iPhone 5 The iPhone 5 was officially announced at the Apple Conference in San Francisco today (Sept 12th). Here are  some of the features of this phone.

It will be the world’s thinnest smart phone at 18% thinner than the 4S at 7.6mm, and 20% lighter at 112 grams.

It will be faster using the LTE platform with a new A6 chip so pages, audio, and video will load faster.

The screen is larger at four inches, and will be 1136×640.

Battery life is 8 hrs with 225 hours standby.

An improved camera and a better audio system and improved speakers.

The new IOS 6 will include Apples own map system called Forstall.

Pricing in the USA – $199 for 16 gig, $299 for 32 gig and $399 for 64 gig. Orders on-line will be accepted from this Friday with delivery by the end of September in the USA. Canada release dates to follow.

Apple also announced a new version of iTunes with iCloud built in. iTunes Store integration lets you browse other albums from within an album.

The arrival of the iPhone 5 may be the biggest product for Apple to date and will likely result in an even greater market share for Apple. This is another  reason to have an application for your radio station. Call ByrnesMedia and we can build you an app for your radio station.