August Is…

Aug 1-31 “Children’s Vision and Learning Month”: To remind people of the important role that good vision plays in a child’s ability to read and learn. Call 330-995-0718 or 1-888-268-37770, email Web:

August 1-31 “Get Ready for Kindergarten Month”: A celebration to support a happy entry into kindergarten. Going into kindergarten is a life-changing event not only for the child, but also for parents, siblings, and educators. Call Katie Davis 914-588-2992, email

Aug 1-31 “Happiness Happens Month”:  12th annual celebration to encourage people to express happiness and discourage parade-raining. Sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People. Call 972-459-7031, email See .

Aug 1-31 “Inventors Month”: Celebrating the importance of new inventions that improve the quality of our lives. Call 1-800-836-8808, email Web:

Aug 1-31 “Win With Civility Month”: When we are civil to each other we confirm our worth and acknowledge the worth of others. Call Thomas Danaher 702-384-7376, email

Aug 1-7 “International Clown Week”: All over the world, clowns will be clowning around for a good cause this week.

Aug 1-7 “World Breastfeeding Week”: Breastfeeding advocates, health care professionals and social services agencies focus on the importance and benefits of breastfeeding. Email the LaLeche League of Canada at See

Aug 2-12 “Halifax International Busker Festival”: Halifax, NS. Street performers and artists from around the world, vaudeville nights and entertainment tent. Call 902-429-1068. See

Aug 4-5 “Twins Day Festival”: Twinsburg, OH. This is the world’s largest gathering of twins. 37th festival. Call 330-425-3652. email web:

Aug 5 “Sisters Day”: Celebrating the spirit of sisterhood. May include biological sisters, sorority sisters, sisterly friends, etc. Call Tricia Eleogram 901-681-2145. email .

Aug 6 “Civic Holiday”: The first Monday in August is observed as a holiday in seven of Canada’s 10 provinces (Manitoba, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Saskatchewan have Civic Holiday. It is called British Columbia Day in BC and Heritage Day in Alberta).

Aug 6-10 “Psychic Week”:  Either invite a local psychic into the control room and have some fun on the air, or phone a different psychic each day “live on the air” and when they don’t answer saying “Hi [insert your name and your station name]”, hang up on them as they can’t be very goodAfter all, shouldn’t they know who it is?

Aug 7 “Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day”: Buy anything lately? Did you succeed in getting the darn thing open? For info call Thomas & Ruth Roy 717-279-0184. email

Aug 7 “Professional Speakers Day”: A day celebrating the consummate professionals who help people through their oratorical skills. Call Jim Barber 954-476-9252, email See

Aug 8-12 “Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship”: Shelburne, ON. This event features Canada’s top fiddlers in competition for over $17,000 in prizes. Call 519-925-8620 or email or see

Aug 9-12 “Edmonton Folk Music Festival”: Gallagher Park, Edmonton, AB. Folk music and fun for the entire family. Call 780-429-1899. email web:

Aug 9-13 “Perseid Meteor Showers”: Among the best known and most spectacular meteor showers, peaking about Aug 10-12. As many as 50-100 may be seen in a single night. Wish upon a “falling star”!

Aug 10-12 “Abbotsford International Airshow”: Leading air show in North America attracts the world’s top aeronautical performers. Email or see

Aug 10-18 “Elvis Week”:  Over 75,000 fans invade Graceland and Memphis for the hundreds of events that are organized. He died Aug 16, 1977.  Call Graceland at 1-800-238-2000 or   Payphones near the ticket-line: 901-345-9847, 901-332-9416, 901-332-9442.  Also, call the ‘Elvis’ McDonalds Restaurant (in Tupelo-his birthplace) 601-844-5505.

Aug 12 “Vinyl Record Day”: Favourite songs can bring back fond memories and Vinyl Record Day encourages celebrating these music memories with family and friends. The day also seeks to recognize the tremendous cultural influence that vinyl records and album covers have had for more than 60 years and the need to preserve that audio history. Call Gary Freilberg 888-644-4567, email

Aug 13-17 “Weird Contest Week”:  It happens in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Artistic pie eating, French fry sculpting, wet t-shirt throwing and more. They have a different contest daily, so call Mark Soifer, the PR Director of Ocean City at 609-525-9300, or email for some great stories.

Aug 15 “Best Friend’s Day”: Celebrate this special day by doing something fun with your best friend. Call Thema Martin 404-849-1249, email

Aug 16 “Joe Miller’s Joke Day”:  Joe is believed to be the first person ever to publish a joke book.  Joe was a comic actor who worked at the Drury Lane Theatre and he published a 70-page book [247 Jokes] called “Joe Miller’s Jests” in England in 1739.  It was revised and expanded hundreds of times and the last printing contained 1,500 jokes.  A great opportunity to launch your own joke book, with money going to charity.

Aug 18 is “Bad Poetry Day”.  Compose some really bad material and read it on the air, or have people call in with the worst material, or read a few lines of well-known poems [visit your local library] and have callers tell you what you’re really saying.

Aug 22 “Be An Angel Day”:  Encourage people to do “one small act of service for someone” today.  For more information on this day call Rev Jayne Howard-Feldman at 410-833-6912, email Web:

Aug 25 “Kiss-And-Make-Up Day”: A day to make amends and for relationships that need mending. Email Jacqueline V. Milgate for info

Aug 25-28 “Ottawa Folk Festival”: Hog’s Back Park, Ottawa, ON. 19th Annual. 4-day celebration of music, dance, visual arts and community. For info, call 613-230-8234 or email See