June Is…

“Gay and Lesbian Pride Month”: Observed this month because on June 28, 1969, the clientele of a gay bar at New York City rioted after the club was raided by the police.

“International Men’s Month”: To increase awareness of the many unique issues that impact men’s lives and are of concern to the people who love them. Email Gordon Clay at menstuff@aol.com. See www.menstuff.org.

“Entrepreneurs Do-it Yourself Marketing Month”: Stand out from competition and get media attention. Call Lorrie Walters Marsiglio 630-584-9368.

“Seniors’ Month”: Ontario. See www.seniors.gov.on.ca.

June 2-9 “International Clothesline Week”: The public is encouraged to save energy by hanging clothes to dry instead of using their electric dryer. Email Gary Drisdelle gdrisdelle@rogers.com. See www.hangtodry.com.

June 3 “National Cancer Survivors Day”: Hundreds of communities honour survivors who are living with and beyond cancer. Call Natl Cancer Survivors Day Foundation 615-794-3006. Email info@ncsdf.org.

June 5 “World Environment Day”: Observed annually June 5, the anniversary of the opening of the UN Conference on the Human Environment. A day to reaffirm concern for the preservation and enhancement of the environment. See www.un.org.

June 6 “Clean Air Day”: see www.cutaactu.ca/en/clean_air_day

June 6-10 “The National Tournament”: Spruce Meadows, Calgary, AB. Jumping championship. Call 403-974-4200, email information@sprucemeadows.com. See www.sprucemeadows.com.

June 7-10 “Winnipeg International Children’s Festival”: The Forks, Winnipeg, MB. Song, dance, theatre, mime, puppetry and music. Call 204-958-4733 or 1-800-527-1515. Email kidsfest@kidsfest.ca. See www.kidsfest.ca.

June 7-10 “Shelburne County Lobster Festival”: 4 days of activities in celebration of the lobster-fishing industry in Shelburne County – the Lobster Capital of Canada. Call Marilyn Johnston 902-875-3544, ext 225. email mjohnston@municipalityofshelburne.ca.

June 8 “Upsy Daisy Day” A day to remind people to get up gloriously, gratefully and gleefully ever morning.  For info Stephanie West Allen phone 303-935-8866, email stephanie@westallen.com. Web: www.westallen.com

June 8 “World Ocean Day”: A day to celebrate our world ocean and our personal connection to the sea. Call The Ocean Project 401-709-4071. Email bmott@theoceanproject.org.

June 14 “World Blood Donor Day”: See www.wbdd.org.

June 15 “Nature Photography Day”: A day to promote the art of nature photography as a medium of communication, inspiration, nature appreciation and environmental protection. Call the North American Nature Photography Assn. 303-422-8527. Email info@nanpa.org.

June 15 “Work@Home Father’s Day”: To honour those fathers who have elected to work from their house either as teleworkers or home based entrepreneurs. Call Jeff Zbar 954-346-4393, email jeff@chiefhomeofficer.com. See www.chiefhomeofficer.com

June 16 “World Juggling Day”:  Clubs from all over the world will be holding local festivals to demonstrate, teach, and celebrate their art. Email wjd@juggle.org, see www.juggle.org

June 17 ”Father’s Day”: It occurred first on June 19, 1910 at the request of Mrs. John B Dodd of Spokane, WA. It was proclaimed for that date by the Mayor of Spokane and recognized by the Governor of Washington.

June 18-24 “Meet A Mate Week”: To inspire singles seeking a partner to take advantage of the summer by pursuing warm weather meeting opportunities. For more information and ideas call Robin Gorman Newman at 516-773-0911, email robin@lovecoach.com  or www.lovecoach.com

June 20-September 22: Summer is here at long last. In the Southern Hemisphere this marks the start of winter.

June 21 “Recess At Work Day”: It’s time for a health and wellness break. Breaks are critical for health, alertness and satisfaction and lead to innovative ideas. Call Rich DiGirolamo 203-879-5970, email rich@RichDiGirolamo.com.

June 22 “Take Your Dog To Work Day”:  To raise awareness of the importance of dogs as companions and to encourage adoptions. Interview someone from your local pet shelter or visit www.petsit.com or www.takeyourdog.com.  For info call 336-983-9222, email takeyourdog@petsit.com.

June 23 “Baby Boomers Recognition Day”: A day to commemorate the contribution this important generation has made to the world. For info call Dorothy Zjawin at 908-241-6241.

June 23 “Let It Go Day” Whatever it is that’s bugging you, drop it. More info: Phone 717-279-0184, email info@wellcat.com.

June 24 “St. Jean-Baptiste Day”: Public holiday in Quebec, celebrating the birth of Saint John the Baptist.

June 25 “Please Take My Children To Work Day”: To recognize and celebrate the tough job that stay-at-home mothers do every day.

June 26 “National Columnist’s Day”:  Send your favourite newspaper columnist your best wishes on this day. For information call Jim Six at 856-845-3300 or e-mail jimsix@sjnewsco.com.

June 27 “Happy Birthday to ‘Happy Birthday To You’”: This day in 1859 the world’s most popular song was composed by Patty Smith Hill and her sister Mildred from Louisville Kentucky. The lyrics were first published in 1893 as “Good morning all” but amended in 1924.

June 27 “Decide To Be Married Day”: This is the most popular month to get married in North America. There are lots of opportunities to tie into events and generate sales revenue from weddings. Call Barbara Gaughen-Muller at 805-968-8567 or e-mail Barbara@rain.org. web: www.paradiseearth.us.

June 27 “Canadian Multiculturalism Day”: see www.pch.gc.ca/special/canada/11/multi-eng.cfm

June 28 “Handshake Day”: Get a grip on a professional handshake today! Call Miryam S. Roddy 215-376-5082, email mroddy@BrodyPro.com.

June 30 “Leap Second Adjustment”: The timekeepers will either add or subtract a second from time today to coordinate atomic and astronomical time. The determination to adjust is made by the International Earth Rotation Service of the International Weights and Measures based in Paris France.