Arbitron Study Shows the Power of Radio

Arbitron have released new research called “Radio Delivers: Winter 2012.” Here are some of the numbers based on PPM data from March until December 2011.

93% of all Americans listen to radio each week

95% of all 25-54 year olds listen to the radio each week.

95% of all 18-49 year olds listen to the radio each week

94% of 18-34 also listen to radio each week.

Even with all the other media choices competiting for eyes and ears Americans consume 14.6 billion hours of radio each month.

90% of Americans tune to radio beween 6am and 7pm allowing advertisiers to reach consumers during these critical shopping hours.

70% of Americans spend 2 hours 45 minutes listening to radio each day

91% of all registered voters listen to radio.

93% of listeners stay with radio through the advertising islands.
You can read more about the study here

ByrnesMedia Observation: This will be welcome news for many American broadcasters who are constantly being told that radio will suffer in 2012 because of the economic conditions in the USA. I suspect if a simular study was conducted in Canada we would see the same or perhaps even better figures given that the quality of radio in Canada is generally much better that what you hear in the USA.