New Regulations for Tower Owners in Canada

Transport Canada has just released new tower lighting and marking regulations which have been eleven years in the process. This has significant implications for owners of communication towers in Canada.


The changes affect the way towers will be lit and marked. As well, tower lighting and marking regulations in Canada are now mandatory, and include fines for non-compliance. This involves changes to the federal Aeronautics Act, and Canadian Aviation Regulations CAR 601 and CAR 621.19. Consequently, this will require operational changes for owners of new and existing towers in Canada.

The Aeronautics Act

The Aeronautics Act is Canadian federal legislation governing air transportation in Canada. It covers such items as airports, aircraft, airlines & aviation operations, aviation safety & security, emergencies, and incident reporting & investigation. It also covers Department of National Defence air operations. Most importantly, it covers aerodromes and administers regulations such as CAR 601 and CAR 621.

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