Toronto Licence Applicants

As expected, there’s no lack of interest in the 88.1 FM frequency that the Commission has put up for grabs. A total of 27 applications have been filed, and while nothing has been gazetted yet, the list of applicants has been released. They include: Dufferin Communications Inc. (Carmela Laurignano); Trust Communications Ministries (Scott Jackson); MZ Media Inc. (Mark L. Lewis – Barrister and Solicitor); Newcap Inc. (David J. Murray); Asia FM (Tosan Lee); 7954689 Canada Inc. (Paul Tietolman); Hansra Group Inc. (Jerom H. Stanleigh – Barrister and Solicitor); Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Bev Kirshenblatt); Larche Communications Inc. (Paul Larche); Sarabjeet S. Arora; Ravinder Singh Pannu (OBCI); 2308739 Ontario Inc. (Jeff Woodruff); Astral Media Radio G.P. (Claude Laflamme); Frank Torres (OBCI); Michael Wekerle (OBCI); Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc. (A. Fitzroy Gordon); Durham Radio Inc. (Douglas E. Kirk); Family FM Inc. (Paul Fredericks); Radio Ryerson Inc. (Jacky Tuinstra Harrison); 8041393 Canada Inc. (Michel Mathieu); Rock 95 Broadcasting Ltd. (Douglas C. Bingley); Radio 1540 Limited (Leonard Lombardi); MTSD Broadcast Inc. (Frank Rogers); La Coopérative Radiophonique de Toronto inc. (Tonia Mori); Mr. Stanislaus Antony (OBCI); S.Sivakkumaran (OBCI); and WorldBand Media (OBCI – Pierre-Louis Smith).

No formats were announced with the list, but one can still make educated guesses based on the history of some of the applicant’s previous submissions and existing stations looking to upgrade.

As such, it’s safe to say that numerous ethnic applications have been submitted, as well as apps for an LGBT upgrade, a few AAA’s, Blues, an Urban/Caribbean upgrade, obviously a Campus (Ryerson), and possibly a Business News and a Mainstream Rocker.

It will be interesting to see if the Commission culls the list over the coming weeks, or this may become one of the longest hearings ever.

We’ll keep you posted as more developments arise.