New Survey finds Challenges and Opportunities for In-Car Streaming Radio

A USA based company called Know Digital conducts research based around new media. They recently conducted a series of focus groups with consumers who are streaming audio.
Know Digital set out to establish if in-car streaming is the “next frontier” for radio. They  completed one-on-one interviews with dozens of consumers who use streaming audio to gain insights into the potential of in-car usage for this medium.
About 22% of North Americans are listening to some streaming radio, but most of this listening is happening at home or in the office using a solid internet connection, not in the car because of the perceived difficulties of connecting to the internet while in a motor vehicle.
iPhone app in-car

I have been streaming audio in my car for almost three years using my iPhone hooked into my car’s audio system. This enables me to monitor many of our client stations either via an iPhone app, or using the Tune In Radio app. I spend a lot of time in my car and while I may be stuck in traffic on the 401 I can be listening to a radio station in a different province or country.

Know Digital research showed that 71% of those people who listen to streaming on a regluar basis had streamed audio in their car for at least 5 minutes in the previous week. However, most found it inconvenient, costly, issues with safety or limitations with their cell plan. The implication is that once these issues are removed the amount of in-car streaming will dramatically increase.
90% of those surveyed still spend most of their time listening to terrestrail radio because of habit, ease of use or content. News, Traffic, Weather, and Morning Shows are the key drivers for radio listening according to this research.
The study indicated there is an opportunity for auto manufactures to incorporate better technology into cars and consumers will pay more for this convenience and improved safety. This research also indicated that consumers want the ability to program their  in-car audio system to include AM and FM stations in addition to other audio streams. But most respondents indicated even if there were many choices they would still only program 5 buttons, and terrestrial radio would get two of those buttons.
Convenient in-car streaming will happen sooner than you think, and Ford is one manfuacturer who is offering it today with thier Sync system. Will your radio station be top of mind with your target audience and will you get one of the 5 buttons? Listen to the webinar here