Internet Radio in Your Car Will Soon Be a Reality

Coming to a car near you, within in the next 12 months, will be built in internet radio according to an article published in Consumer Electronics Magazine. They are predicting a wave of in vehicle apps that will be integrated directly into your car by the manufacturer.

Cloud based content seems to be the buzz word being used by a number of the automotive experts who predict that the next few years will see a dramatic increase in the use of in-vehicle apps. Some will be built right into the car while others will be connected via mobile devices such as smart phones providing the consumer with a range of entertainment, information and services such as diagnostics and navigation. So if you want to find the closest sushi restaurant using a verbal command will result in a map displaying on the heads-up display. If you accept the option the cars navigation system will supply turn by turn directions to this location. This is seen as just the first step which could result in your being able to browse the menu and select the foods arrives at your table at the same time you do.

There are about 50 cars offered for sale in North America currently or will be offered in 2012 equipped with some form of internet radio app including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Lincon, Scion, Buick, Hyundia and Chevrolet.

This is predicted to have an impact on terrestrial radio as sales of vehicles equipped with internet radio in one fashion or another is predicted to reach 24 million units worldwide by 2018 which will be up from around 170,00 in 2010. We first write about this four years ago, but our view remains the same, terrestrial radio stations who provide local relevant information and entertainment will still be the preferred option in the motor car even when there are lots of options out there. Satellite Radio has not impacted terrestrial radio listening and we do not think this new threat will impact radio providing radio owners invest in the product. Read more about the story here