Apple iPhone 4’s for $99 in Canada

Several cell phone providers in Canada including Rogers, Telus and Bell are, as of today, offering the iPhone 4 for $99 on a three year  contract.

This could be a game changer in the competitive cell phone handset  space whic is already very competitive with Apple dominating market share and quickly pulling away from Blackberry and Android. Some are predicting that thousands of iPhone 4’s will be sold in the next few weeks as students go back to school and university armed with the latest must have toys.

Apple look to be unloading their stock of iPhones 4’s ahead of the release of the iPhone 5 which is now expected to be either Friday October 7th or 14th. If this is the case you will be able to order the iPhone 5 from Apple as early as the end of September.

At $99 for a new iPhone 4 this instantly makes this handset more attractive to a wider range of cell phone users, and no doubt many will update to the iPhone 4 to get access to all the tools that come with this device. For radio stations this makes an iPhone app even more important, given that an even greater percentage of your audience will now have an iPhone and the ability to listen to your audio stream and interact with your station directly from their iPhone. That is of course providing you have an app. If you do not have an iPhone app for your radio station then call our office and we can help you get one built.