People Who Listen to Radio are Happier – It’s official!

Here is something most of us who work in the industry have known all along, that when people listen to radio they feel happier. Now some new research commissioned by the RAB and conducted by Sparkler Research has put a number on it. Listeners to radio are 100% happier than those who do not listen according to this research conducted amongst 1000 people via their smartphones. They were asked what media, if any, they were consuming and then to rate aspects of their mood, ie how happy they were feeling or how much energy they had, from minus five to plus five.

“When compared with people who were not consuming any media, people who were only watching TV rated themselves 62% happier on average, people using the internet rated themselves 69% happier but people listening to the radio were an impressive 100% happier,” reports Mediaweek. “The differences were even more stark when comparing energy levels. People watching TV rated themselves as having 180% more energy than people who were not consuming any media, people online rated themselves as having 220% more energy and people listening to the radio rated themselves as having 300% or three times more energy.”

 Read more about this study here thanks to Mediaweek.