MarketSource Survey Finds Consumer Interest in Internet and HD Radio — Less for Satellite

A new survey conducted by MARKETSOURCE for the website TWICE.COM, confirms what we have suspected for some time; The average consumer is more interested in swapping out their existing car stereo for one that controls a connected iPod or iPhone than they are in buying satellite radio or HD Radio for their vehicle. They’re also more interested in buying a car stereo head unit that connects to any cellular smartphone to stream Internet radio stations and music services.”

Responders to the survey that was conducted in the USA amongst adults 18 and up in 501 households are more interested in Internet radio than in Satellite radio.

“A total of 57% of respondents said they would be very, or somewhat interested in listening to Internet radio and music services through their car stereo system. A total of 47% of all respondents would also be interested in replacing their car stereo system with one that would enable them to do so.

Based on this research things do not look great for future growth of Satellite radio subscriptions, as only 16% of people who don’t own satellite radio are very, or somewhat interested in getting car satellite radio in the next year, down from last year’s 24%.

There was slightly better news for HD radio, as “interest is rising, with 30% of non-owners saying they are very, or somewhat interested in purchasing the technology for their car in the next year, up from last year’s 28%.”

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