Traditional Media Still Leads the Pack

  New research out this week commissioned by Deloitte confirms that traditional media advertising remains a more effective driver of online traffic than the social networking equivalent. 12,000 people were surveyed in several countries including Canada, Japan, England, India and the USA.
Respondents were asked how often they visited websites after being exposed to various types of media, and in every country Social networks scored much lower than radio, TV or newspaper. In fact Radio scored as high as 60% with TV at 20% and newspaper at 13%.This is more proof that having a big transmitter on a hill and using it smartly to drive traffic to a website is a powerful way to influence consumer purchasing behaviours. Do you have a digital strategy developed and are you making money from your website? If not call us at 905-332-1331 and perhaps we can help you. Read more about this study thanks to WARC here