Why Radio Will Live ON

Imagine that you’re on the bus going to work. As you pass a particular building, your phone asks you if you’d like to hear a radio story about an event that happened there.Then you get a text on your phone from a different station asking you to write back if you’re stuck in traffic. The station uses the information to create a real-time traffic map on its website.Then a Twitter message asks, since it’s the 8th day of the month, for you to vote on which of three composers’ 8th symphonies you’d like to hear at lunchtime on the local classical music station. Could this be the future of radio?
Read more abot this story written by Beth Knobel who is a Co-author of the book “Heat and Light” which offers advice for the Next Generation of Journalists; Fordham professor; Former Moscow bureau chief; CBS News here. Thanks to the Huffington Post for allowing us to reprint part of this story.