CMW Conference in Toronto off to a positive start


Erica Farber

The radio portion of CMW got off to a great start as Erica Farber from The Farber Connection set the tone. She told a packed Concert Hall room that radio is a special business and we should all be proud to be working in it. 

Erica’s tips for being successful in 2011 included:

1.     Never insult your listeners.
2.     Innovate – try new things and do it before we are forced into doing it.
3.     Build brand equity – Deliver on your promise.
4.     Take risks – Find the next big thing and do it.
5.     Don’t rely too much of research.
6.     DJ’s need to make every break count. Also make the listeners feel like they are the guest of honour and not sitting in the back f the room.
7.     Make sure you do at least one thing to improve your radio station every day.
8.     Make your radio station a destination – Create compelling and relevant content on your website, but don’t spend all your time teasing your audience on the air and forcing them to go to your website to “find more information.” Why not have the entry level broadcast student’s work on your website; especially given they are so comfortable working in the digital realm.
Erica says “Radio has so many great tools and we need to use those tools to our best advantage. Be proud of the industry we work in.”