March Is…

“National Epilepsy Month”: See for info.

“International Fraud Prevention Month”: See the Ontario Securities Commission for info

“National Red Cross Month”: See

“International Ideas Month”: Without constant new ideas, progress and people stagnate. Call Sylvia Henderson 301-260-1538, email, see

“International Listening Awareness Month”: Dedicated to learning more about the impact listening has on all human activity. Call Nanette Johnson-Curiskis 877-854-7836 or 952-594-5697, see

“International Mirth Month”: A time to show people how to use humor to deal with not-so-funny stuff. Call Alan Klein 415-431-1913, email, see

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month”: To educate patients, families and the public about the nature and impact CFS, and to encourage research fundraising. Call FM-CFS Canada 613-565-2423, see

National Frozen Food Month”: Promoting awareness of the economical and nutritional benefits of frozen foods. Call Julie Henderson 717-657-8601, email,

“National On-Hold Month”: A tribute to those organizations who make life interesting as we sit on-hold waiting to talk to a real person. Call Audiomax 800-284-4653, email,

“National Umbrella Month”: Honoring the versatile and underrated invention. Email Tom Knibb

“Optimism Month”: Research proves optimists achieve more health, prosperity and happiness than pessimists. For a free tips sheet and to set up an interview with Dr Michael Mercer call 847-382-0690, email,

“Poison Prevention Awareness Month”: To educate and guard against the hundreds of accidents and deaths for accidental poisoning. For information call Frederick Mayer 415-479-8628, email,

Mar 3 “I Want You to be Happy Day”: A day to be thoughtful of others by showing love and concern. Call Harriette Grimes 407-656-2790, email

Mar 4 “Courageous Follower Day”: To dispel the myth that followers are passive and to raise awareness that good followership is energetic and at times courageous. Call Ira Chaleff 301-933-3752, email,

Mar 4 “March Forth – Do Something Day”: Stop procrastinating and march forth toward your goals. Call Allison Carter 770-579-9866, email See

Mar 6-12 “Celebrate Your Name Week”: Your name identifies you to the world. Make sure it isn’t an ignored part of your personhood. A different name-related theme each day. Contact Jerry Hill by email

Mar 6-12 “Words Matter Week”: Online at and Facebook, with other celebrations at libraries and schools. This day focuses on the importance of words, particularly the written word. Call Janice Campbell 804-767-5961, email

Mar 6-12 “Read an E-Book Week”: A week set aside to learn about and/or read an electronic book. Call Rita Toews 204-661-2734, email See

Mar 8 “Girls Write Now Day”: Honours the younger generation as makers of the future! Encourage girls of all ages everywhere in the world to put pen to paper and explore the beauty and power of their unique creative voices. Call Michele Thomas 212-691-6590, ext 202, email, .

Mar 8 “International (Working) Women’s Day”: A day to honour women, especially working women. Widely adopted and observed in many nations. In Russia it is a national holiday and flowers or gifts are presented to women workers.

Mar 8 “Shrove (or Pancake) Tuesday”: Always the day before Ash Wednesday.

Mar 9 “Ash Wednesday”: Marks the beginning of Lent. 40 weekdays (including Saturdays) and 6 Sundays remain until Easter Sunday.

Mar 7-13 “National Sleep Awareness Week”: People are urged to recognize the importance of proper sleep to their health, safety and productivity and the dangers of untreated sleep disorders. Call Natl Sleep Foundation 202-347-3471, ext 214. See

Mar 8 “Organize Your Home Office Day”: Find files, purge papers and tackle to-do lists. Call Lisa Kanarek,, 214-361-0556, email See

Mar 10 “Mario Day”: A day for all people named Mario to celebrate [Mar10 is the day and it spells out the name as well!] Call Mario Fascitelli 505-293-2634, email

Mar 11 “Dream 2011 Day”: To focus attention on the new millennium – so that all humans, nations and institutions devote this year to unparalleled dreams for a better world and thinking, action, inspiration, determination and love to solve the remaining problems and to achieve a peaceful, united human family on Earth. Call Barbara Gaughen-Muller 805-968-8567, email, or

Mar 13 “Check Your Batteries Day”: Check the batteries in your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, HVAC thermostat, audio/visual remote controls and other electronic devices. Annually, the 2nd Sunday in March.

Mar 13 “Daylight Saving Time Begins”: From 2am on the second Sunday in March until 2am on the first Sunday in November.

Mar 15 “Ides of March”: This was the day that Julius Ceasar was assassinated in 44 BC. In the Roman calendar the days of the month were not numbered sequentially. Instead, each month had three division days [Kalends, Nones and Ides]. Days were numbered from these divisions [IV for Nones and III for Ides]. The Ides occurred on the 15th of the month [or the 13th in the months that had less than 31 days].

Mar 17 “St Patrick’s Day”:  National holiday in the Republic of Ireland, and a great excuse to drink green beer in most every other country in the world. It commemorates the patron saint of Ireland, Bishop Patrick [AD389-461] who in 432 introduced Christianity to Ireland.

March 18 “Snowman Burning”: Reading of poetry heralding the end of winter and the arrival of spring, followed by sacrifice in effigy, toasts and cheers. Call Lake Superior State University 906-635-2315,

Mar 20 “Proposal Day”:  Vernal Equinox – a day for single people to find the courage to propose to the one they love. But if you’re not ready for the big leap, use this day to send a gift to the one you love. The list of the world’s ten most eligible celebrity singles is available any time after March 1 at Call John O’Loughlin 972-258-4996, email

Mar 20 “Spring”: In the Northern Hemisphere spring begins today.

Mar 22 “UN: World Day For Water”: To promote public awareness of how water resource development contributes to economic productivity and social well-being.

Mar 26 “Earth Hour”: Communities, businesses and governments around the world are invited to switch off lights for one hour at 8:30pm local time. See

Mar 26 “Legal Assistants Day”: A day recognizing the many contributions made to the legal profession by legal assistants. Call Claudia A. Evart 212-779-2227, email

Mar 27-Apr 2 “Cleaning Week”: A reminder to tackle spring cleaning. Dedicate each day to a specific chore. Call Monica Nassif 612-371-0003 or 877-576-8808.

Mar 29 “National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day”: A day recognizing those very special husband-and-wife business owner teams that work and commune together. Call Rick/Margie Segel 781-272-9995, email

Mar 30 “Doctors’ Day”: To honour physicians on the anniversary of the occasion when Dr. Crawford W. Long became the first acclaimed physician to use ether as an anesthetic agent in a surgical technique, Mar 30, 1842. The red carnation has been designated the official flower of Doctors’ Day.