CRTC Revokes License for CKLN-FM

by Trish on January 31, 2011

Ryerson University campus station CKLN-FM had its license revoked by the CRTC on Friday, January 28th. Found in breach of several regulations, the station was “unable to convince the Commission that it could operate the station in a compliant manner going forward.”

Among other issues, the CRTC was concerned by an incident leaving staff and management locked out of the studio premesis by the building manager for seven months. The ensuing on-air content was therefore “an intermittent loop of programming without any ongoing community involvemenet or oversight by the licensee.”

See the entire CRTC decision here.


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ME January 31, 2011 at 1:59 pm

The CRTC gave these people so many chances to meet their statutory requirements, gave them individual help which is extremely rare and gave them an extra 6 month postponement and yet they had done little and had no plan of action.

I can’t blame the CRTC.

Why must students pay for a station that excluded them?

CKLN was taken over years ago by radical activists and the students pushed out with the help of the Ryerson Students’ Union and the Canadian Federation of Students who have very political agendas that have little to do with education.

An outside agency appointed by the Courts needs to be brought in to see who is controlling the assets created by yearly $1/4 million funding from student dues and who it really should belong to and if any have been misappropriated and needs to be gotten back through legal actions or criminal charges.

I would hate to see this board liquidating all the assets and the students who paid for it and have been excluded from running the station also be excluded from deciding what should happen to it.

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