January Is…

Jan 1-31 “Alzheimer Awareness Month”: For info see www.alzheimer.ca.

Jan 1-31 “Book Blitz Month”: Focuses attention on improving authors’ relationships with the media in order to create a best-selling book. For info call Barbara Gaughen 805-968-8567 email bgaughenmu@aol.com. Web: www.goodmorningworld.org.

Jan 1-31 “Financial Wellness Month”: For people to establish financial balance after credit card bills pour in from the holidays. For info call Angela Brown Oberer 704-849-2900. email angela@wordsofwellness.com. Web: www.wordsofwellness.com.

Jan 1-31 “Be On-Purpose Month”: An observance to encourage us to start the new year by putting our good intentions into action, personally and professionally. For info call Kevin W. McCarthy 407-657-6000 email info@on-purpose.com

Jan 1-31 “Clean Up Your Computer Month”: Dedicated to the education of computer users with simple tips and methods to increase the efficiency of their systems. For more information call Denise Hall 251-986-6650, e-mail denise@specterweb.com or see www.specterweb.com.

Jan 1-31 “Get Organized Month”: Is your New Year’s resolution to get more organized? Phone 856-380-6828, email napo@napo.net. See www.napo.net.

Jan 1-31 “International Creativity Month”: A month to remind individuals and organizations around the globe to capitalize on the power of creativity. For info call Randall Munson, Pres. Creatively Speaking 507-286-1331, email Creativity@CreativelySpeaking.com. Web: www.CreativityMonth.com.

Jan 1-31 “National Mentoring Month”: To raise awareness of mentoring, recruit individuals to mentor and promote the rapid growth of mentoring. Call 1-800-567-3700 or 250-595-3505 for info. Email rcarr@islandnet.com. Web www.mentors.ca.

Jan 1-31 “Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month”: To educate women and teens about realistic self-defense options that could very well save their lives. For info call 305-868-NSDI. Email nsdi@worldnet.att.net  or see www.nsdi.org.

Jan 1 “Polar Bear Swim 2011”: English Bay Beach, Vancouver, BC. 91st Annual. The Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Club is one of the oldest in the world. Call 604-873-7011 or see www.vancouver.ca/parks/events/polarbear.

Jan 1 “New Year’s Dishonour List”: Each year since 1976 on this date the most overused words and phrases in the English language are announced and “banned”.  Examples include chillaxin’, bromance, toxic assets, to friend/unfriend.. For info call 906-635-2315 or see www.lssu.edu/banished.

Jan 1 “Z Day”: To give recognition to all persons and places whose names begin with the letter Z and who are always listed last in any alphabetized list. Email tom_zager@yahoo.com for info.

Jan 1-7 “Silent Record Week”: It’s the anniversary of the invention of the silent record in 1960, which was played on Detroit jukeboxes. The following year a silent concert was performed, featuring a full 120 piece Hush Symphonic Band. A good opportunity to have some fun with this, and perhaps dig out the recording and play it!

Jan 2-8 “Someday We’ll Laugh About This” Week: 34th Annual. We’ve all said, “Someday we’ll laugh about this.” Why wait? A great way to start the new year – laughing at the humourous human condition. Call Dr. Joel Goodman 518-587-8770, email chase@HumorProject.com.

Jan 4 “Trivia Day”: In celebration of those who know all sorts of facts, and/or have doctorates in uselessology. For more of it call Robert Birch 703-533-3668.

Jan 4 “World Hypnotism Day”: 6th annual.  A day when hypnotism professionals promote the truth and benefits of hypnotism to the people of the world while removing the myths and misconceptions. Call Thomas Nicoli 603-598-8389, email TomNicoli@WHDCommittee.com. See www.worldhypnotismday.com.

Jan 3-9 “New Year’s Resolutions Week” To show people how, why and what resolutions/goals should be set and the necessary action and steps to make the new year the best ever. Call Gary Ryan Blair 877-GOALSGUY, e-mail info@goalsguy.com or see www.goalsguy.com.

Jan 3 “Thank God It’s Monday Day”: Besides holidays, people everywhere start new jobs, have birthdays, celebrate promotions and begin vacations on Mondays. A day in recognition of this first day of the week. For info call Dorothy Zjawin 908-241-6241.

Jan 3-9 “Women’s Self-Empowerment Week”: Women wear many hats these days, and this week is a time to stop, take stock of your life and recognize all that you have accomplished. Let it inspire you to establish new goals and reach for the sky. Call Robin Gorman Newman 518-773-0911, email rgnewman@optonline.net.

Jan 7 “I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day”: A day to fight back and take control of all events that happen in one’s life. Stand up for your rights – it’s so easy to walk away. Call Bob O’Brien, Consumer Advocate 646-233-6610, email robtfobrien@aol.com.

Jan 8 “Greece – Midwife’s Day or Women’s Day”: Women stop their housework and spend their time in cafes, while the men do all the housework and look after the children. In some villages, men caught outside “will be stripped…and drenched with cold water.”

Jan 8 “National Joygerm Day”: Celebrating those happy people who share joy and are “delighted, ignited and excited.” For info call Joan White at 315-472-2779, email joygerms@gmail.com.

Jan 6-9 “Elvis Presley’s Birthday Celebration”: Lots of Elvis events going on at Graceland. He was born on January 8th 1935. For more information call 800-238-2000 or email glsales@elvis.com or see www.elvis.com.

Jan 10 “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day”: A day to educate people on the ways they can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer while saving money on their energy bills. Call Tom Peric 856-874-0049, email tom@cutyourenergycosts.com. Web: www.cutyourenergycosts.com.

Jan 10 “Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day”: One day early each year for every desk worker to see the top of the desk and prepare for the following year’s paperwork.

Jan 16 “National Nothing Day”: Created by newspaperman Harold Pullman Coffin in 1973, this is one national day when people can just sit without celebrating, observing or honouring anything.

Jan 16 “Appreciate A Dragon Day”: In school and public libraries everywhere, children will have the opportunity to choose dragons from popular literature and participate in activities to share their enthusiasm for the dragon of their choice. Call Donita Tompkins 719-635-3940, email katepaul@donitakpaul.com.

Jan 17 “Kid Inventors’ Day”: Water skis. Earmuffs. The Popsicle. What do these have in common? All were invented by kids! Celebrate the ingenuity and value of these young brainstormers. See www.kidinventorsday.com or email Lee Wardlaw at author@leewardlaw.com.

Jan 16-22 “Healthy Weight Week”: People who diet the first week in January and binge the second are ready for better living by the third week. Email Francie M. Berg at fmberg@healthyweight.net (please put “Berg-Healthy Weight Week” in subject line). See www.healthyweight.net.

Jan 16-22 “National Non-Smoking Week”: Includes Weedless Wednesday. The theme is “There are hundreds of reasons to quit… what’s yours?” See www.nnsw.ca.

Jan 23 “National Handwriting Day”: Held around the anniversary of the birth of John Hancock [born Jan 23 1737] to encourage more legible handwriting. Hancock was an American statesman and the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence. Get a sample of writing from all the jocks at the station and judge the best and the worst. For information call 800-826-7774 or see www.handwritingfoundation.org.

Jan 24 “National Compliment Day”: A day set aside to compliment at least five people. It forges bonds, dispels loneliness and just plain feels good. For info call Debby Hoffman 603-783-4446 or email Debby@DebbyHoffman.com or see www.complimentday.com.

Jan 24 “Belly Laugh Day”: A day to celebrate the great gift of laughter. Smile, throw your arms in the air and laugh out loud. Call Elaine Helle 503-344-6428, email jan24@bellylaughday.com. See www.bellylaughday.com.

Jan 27 “Thomas Crapper Day – Death Anniversary”: Born at Thorne in Yorkshire England around 1836 he invented the flush toilet in 1881 and lived a happy and wealthy man until 1910.

Jan 28 “Fun At Work Day”: Inject some laughter into your workplace by planning a fun and relaxing activity. For info call Diane Decker 847-394-0994 or email dcdecker@msn.com.  Web: www.qualitytransitions.com.