Voicetrack Express officially launches

Voicetrack Express is a web based voice tracking service created to connect major market voice talent with local radio stations who are looking for localized voice tracks at a fraction of the price of hiring that talent. Founder Chris Byrnes, President of one of Canada’s leading broadcast consulting companies says, “We created Voicetrack Express to help radio stations upgrade the sound of their weekday and weekend shows. Program Directors simply go to our website, audition and select the talent and complete our online form. For as little as $50 a shift a radio station can hire one of our major market announcers. The benefit to the radio station is they get a major market voice that creates compelling local sounding voice tracks without all the costs associated with hiring and relocating that talent.” The benefit to the talent is they can they can enjoy their major market lifestyle and spend a few hours in their home studios creating the voice tracks and uploading them to our secure site. Learn more at http://www.voicetrackexpress.com/