Personalised Online Radio Attracts Slaight investment

Digital Media – Toronto-based digital media company Mediazoic today announced that it has received an investment from Slaight Communications to expand its personal online broadcasting software that allows users to create their own online radio station.

Mediazoic stations are created without having to upload music anywhere, choose a particular player, be a part of any music locker service, or have to engage any new software. The Mediazoic system logs each time a song is heard, ensuring that royalties may be paid to all rights holders.

The digital firm’s seemless and invisible back-end infrastructure allows anyone anywhere with internet access to stream songs in their collection from their hard-drive or a cloud service to friends in real time via links that can be embedded on blogs, websites and social networks.

Mediazoic’s business model is based on licensing these customized stations for both corporate and individual clients, who can then monetize the streams using a mix of advertising insertions, subscription fees, and affiliate revenue.

Founder/CEO Greg Nisbet declined comment on the size of the investment but stated that he was ‘”excited to be able to tap into the immense well of knowledge and experience that Gary Slaight and his network bring to the emerging new radio landscape, and to the new music business in general.”