Listener Driven Radio Engages Listeners in Calgary

X929 listeners get an opportunity to connect with its favourite radio station at a level never before seen anywhere with X on Demand.

Partnering with Listener Driven Radio, X92.9 is evolving the listener experience with our new web widget now running at With it, X92.9 listeners interact with the station with a powerful list of features. X92.9 is the first station in Canada to use this technology, and on a global scale the first to use it as a fully integrated self running listener driven system.

X on Demand Every hour X929 gives the audience the opportunity to pick what plays with X on Demand. We put up three tracks and the listeners vote, whichever song gets the most votes, gets played. It’s that simple. We go nuts with X on Demand every weekday at noon with the On Demand Lunch where every track is dictated by the listener’s votes. Using the power of Wide Orbit Automation (formally Google Automation), Music Master, and Listener Driven Radio, the entire process of counting votes, and getting the winning song on air is completely automated. All that’s left for the host is to make sure they pay attention as to who won! Try voice tracking that! 🙂

Requests With X on Demand listeners have access to the entire X92.9 library to request their favourite songs…not exactly ground breaking, but there’s more! Once you’ve made a request you can set up an instant notification to let you know when that song is playing so you won’t miss it. Plus, every night at 6, X929 takes the Top 6 most requested songs of the day and counts them down.

Like/Dislike X on Demand lets the listener tell us if they like or dislike a song on X92.9. They can give as many thumbs up or down as they want, and all this info has a direct impact on how often X92.9 will play a song. Afterall, we’re in this to play songs our listeners love, not hate.

New Rock There’s a lot of great new rock out there and it can be tough to keep up with it all. With X on Demand listeners can review every new rock alternative track on X92.9 as well as letting us know what they think with the like/dislike.

Xposure X92.9 continues to lead the way in support for local musicians. Bands can submit their songs directly to X on Demand. We’ll give them a listen and put them up for everyone to listen to, and like everything else, listeners can review them as well. Our intention is by year end to have hundreds of songs from local artists giving them yet another avenue for Xposure with X92.9.

Share Once songs have been requested, voted, liked, disliked, listeners can let their friends know via Facebook. They can share their love (or hate) for a track with a simple click. Plus coming soon, they’ll be able to share X on Demand via their own site as X on Demand will be embeddable.

Mobile The X929 iPhone/iPod/iPad App is getting updated too. We just submitted the app to the App Store and X on Demand is built right in so you let yourself be heard where ever you are.

So how’s it going? Well, since our 6am launch we’ve already registered over 5000 like and dislike votes, over 1000 requests, and are averaging over 100 votes per On Demand voting session. So, we’re pretty pleased, and it looks like our listeners are too.

ByrnesMedia is the exclusive product supplier of Listener Driven Radio in Canada. For more information about Lintener Driven Radio and what it can do to engage your audience and drive traffic to your various platforms call Chris Byrnes at 905-332-1331 or contact us here