July 2010 is…

July 1-31 “Cell Phone Courtesy Month”: To encourage cell phone users to be more respectful of their surroundings and those around them. Call Jacqueline Whitmore, Etiquette Expert 561-586-9026, email info@etiquetteexpert.com. Web: www.etiquetteexpert.com.

July 1-31 “International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month”: Celebrates the band Blondie and its lead singer, Deborah Harry and their contributions to popular music. Call Allan Metz 417-873-7483. email ametz@drury.edu. Web www.blondiebook.com.

July 1-31 “National Hot Dog Month”: Celebrates a favourite hand-held food with fun facts and new topping ideas. Call 202-587-4200. Web: www.hot-dog.org.

July 1-31 “National Ice Cream Month”: This month celebrates ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by a full 90% of the population.

July 1-31 “Social Wellness Month”: Improve your social and communication skills and learn to act appropriately in prominent situations. Call Angela Brown Oberer 704-843-0688. email angela@WordsofWellness.com. Web: www.WordsofWellness.com.

July 1-31 “Women’s Motorcycle Month”: Dedicated to honouring women who ride, co-ride, or wish they could ride motorcycles. Call Sylvia Henderson 301-260-1538. email Sylvia@springboardtraining.com. Web: www.springboardtraining.com.

July 1 “Canada Day”: Formerly known as Dominion Day. Commemorates the confederation of Upper and Lower Canada and some of the Maritime Provinces into the Dominion of Canada in 1867.

July 7-11 “The North American Tournament”: Spruce Meadows, Calgary, AB. Show jumping tournament featuring the Spruce Meadows North American Championships. Call 403-974-4200, or see www.sprucemeadows.com.

July 1-8 “Nova Scotia International Tattoo”: Military and civilian performers in bands, singing, dancing, marching, gymnastics and comedy. Call 902-420-1114 or 800-563-1114, email info@nstattoo.ca. Web www.nstattoo.ca.

July 2 “Halfway Point of 2010”: At noon, July 2, 2010, 182 ½ days of the year will have elapsed and 182 ½ will remain before Jan 1, 2011.

July 2 “I Forgot Day”: A day to make up for all the birthdays, anniversaries, new births, graduations, etc. that you forgot to acknowledge with a greeting or gift. Call Gaye Andersen, Davenport University, 219-650-5218, email gaye.andersen@davenport.edu.

July 3-Aug 11 “Dog Days”: Hottest days of the year in Northern Hemisphere.

July 3-4 “Abbotsford Berry Beat Festival”: Abbotsford, BC. Heralds the height of the Raspberry Capital of Canada’s berry season. Call 604-850-6547. email adba@telus.net. Web: www.downtownabbotsford.com.

July 9-18 “Calgary Stampede”: Calgary, AB. One of the world’s largest rodeos, plus an agricultural fair, entertainment, parade and carnival. Call 403-261-0101. web: www.calgarystampede.com.

July 4 “Independence Day”: The United States commemorates adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress.  The nation’s birthday. Legal holiday in all states and territories.

July 6 “Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day”: Keep the person running your website happy by making sure he or she is well fed. It makes your webmaster feel loved and gives him or her the energy to fix all the typos that you have on your site.

July 5-11 “Nude Recreation Week”: Why not go barefoot all over? Give nude recreation a try by attending special events at a clothing-optional beach, campground or resort near you. Call The Naturist Society 920-426-5009, email naturist@naturistsociety.com. See www.naturistsociety.com.

July 7 “London Terrorist Bombings: 5th Anniversary”: July 7, 2005. Terrorists exploded four bombs in quick succession on subway cars and a bus, killing more than 50 people and injuring 700.

July 7 “Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day”: A special time in the summer for fathers and daughters of all ages to spend time together in the beautiful weather. Call Janet Dellaria 906-852-3539.

July 8-18 “Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest”: Festival Plaza, Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa, ON. 15th annual. Enjoy blues, gospel, roots, world and popular music in the heart of Canada’s national capital. Call 613-247-1188. email ajsauve@ottawa-bluesfest.ca. Web: www.ottawabluesfest.ca.

July 13 “Gruntled Workers Day”: There’s so much news about disgruntled workers that today’s the day for Gruntled Workers to Unite! Drive to a fast-food restaurant and say, “Thanks, your service is fast, have a nice day.” Call Thomas & Ruth Roy 717-279-0184, email info@wellcat.com. Web: www.wellcat.com.

July 14-25 “Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival”: Winnipeg, MB. A 12-day, noon-to-midnight, non-stop theatrical smorgasbord with more than 130 theatre companies from around the world.  Email info@winnipegfringe.com. Web: www.winnipegfringe.com.

July 16-18 “Vancouver Folk Music Festival”: Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver, BC. Featuring food booths, entertainment and much more. Call 604-602-9798, email inquiries@thefestival.bc.ca.

July 22 “Pied Piper of Hamilin: Anniversary – Maybe”: July 22, 1376. According to legend, the German town of Hamelin, plagued with rats, bargained with a piper who promised to, and did, pipe the rats out of town and into the Weser River. Refused payment for his work, the piper then piped the children out of town and into a hole in a hill, never to be seen again.

July 22 “Spooner’s Day (William Spooner Birth Anniversary)”: A day named for the Reverend William Archibald Spooner, whose frequent slips of the tongue led to coinage of the term spoonerism to describe them. A day to remember the scholarly man whose accidental transpositions gave us blushing crow (for crushing blow), tons of soil (for sons of toil), queer old dean (for dear old queen), swell foop (for fell swoop) and half-warmed fish (for half-formed wish).

July 23 “Gorgeous Grandma Day”: The “senior citizen” label can no longer describe a feeble, antiquated person who is treasured only as a volunteer or a babysitter. Indeed, the majority are far from powerless, sickly or frail. Call Alice Solomon 561-498-3543. email GGalice@gorgeousgrandma.com. Web: www.gorgeousgrandma.com.

July 22-25 “Calgary Folk Music Festival”: Calgary, AB. Celebration of local, national and international folk music. Call 403-233-0904. email info@calgaryfolkfest.com. Web: www.calgaryfolkfest.com

July 24 “Cousins Day”: A day to celebrate, honour and appreciate our cousins. For info call Claudia Evart 212-779-2227, email cevart1@earthlink.net.

July 23-25 “Annual Nova Scotia Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Festival”: Stewiacke, NS, 37th annual family event with groups from the US and Canada’s Atlantic area. For info, email redhead1@eastlink.ca.

July 25 “Parents’ Day”: To pay tribute to the men and women across the country whose devlotion as parents strengthens our society and forms the foundation for a bright future.

July 27 “Walk On Stilts Day”: A day to walk on stilts, providing a chance to develop self-confidence through mastery of balance and coordination. Call Bill “Stretch” Coleman 303-922-4655. email stretch@stiltwalker.com. Web: www.stiltwalker.com.