Listener Driven Radio Now “Crowd Casting” Across Italy

Crowdcasting pioneers, US based company LDR–?Listener Driven Radio has announced yet another major European broadcast launch and partnership. GRUPPO FINELCO’s VIRGIN RADIO ITALY launched their unique LDR “RADIOCOMANDO” platform today, giving VIRGIN ITALY fans interactive “music control” and reaching over 1.9 million listeners across the country every day.

GM of GRUPPO FINELCO, FRANCOIS  LE GENISSEL said, “Listeners to Virgin Radio expect uniqueness. Now, with Radio Commando, powered by Listener Driven  Radio, listeners help to  shape the sound of Virgin Radio in real time. It’s distinctive and powerful.” GRUPPO FINELCO’S broadcast team and Head of Technical, DAVIDE GADDIA, worked closely with LDR Software developers to customize the station’s new interactive platform, which is now highlighted on the VIRGIN ITALY website at  here .

Listeners can view songs from Virgin Radio’s playlist via the station’s website or mobile phones and vote for their favourite songs.  Input and voting from listeners directly affects the music played on the station—playing more popular songs faster. Listeners also vote on which song plays next on the air. Then, LDR emails and instant messages listeners who opt in, informing them that their favourite tracks are playing on the air.

 LDR PRESIDENT, DANIEL ANSTANDIG said, “The Finelco team is one of the finest in the world, and we are honoured to collaborate with them on this futuristic addition to their programming. General Manager, Francois Le Genissel immediately recognized the audience potentials at hand for his key brands, and we are in advanced  development with similar broadcast groups elsewhere around the globe.”

 VIRGIN RADIO joins LDR’s growing list of affiliates world–?wide, including massively successful LAGARDERE GROUP’s VIRGIN FRANCE now active for several months, and generating in excess of a million listener clicks daily through the LDR widget and new levels of unique visits and social network engagement. Based on current audience figure estimates LDR’s European partnerships alone engage over 13 million listeners daily.

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