Kids Say The Darndest Things Remembered

I met Art Linkletter at one of the NAB conferences. I was curious to talk to this broadcasting icon.  He didn’t disappoint.  Art was welcoming and full of life about his show.  He loved to talk about it and inspired you at same time.  He was one of the first talents to do reality Radio and TV shows for many many years.  It was all about real people, never contrived characters. Art told me that he preferred talking to kids because they were so honest.  It’s so important to remember that each and every day in radio, we talk to real people.  We provide our many listeners with quality information and entertainment. Great radio is about engagement.  Share this segment with your radio talents and learn from a master.    
The late Art Linkletter was probably most famous for his TV show, Kids Say The Darndest Things. In his memory, we now present this little girl…