Canada’s Private Broadcasters Happy With Proposed Copyright Bill

Canadian private broadcasters congratulate the Ministers of Industry and Canadian Heritage on the copyright bill released yesterday (June 2). The rapid pace of technological change spanning a broad spectrum of stakeholders and issues has made amending the Copyright Act a challenging task. This new bill aims to strike an important balance between the interests of creators, users and intermediaries, and demonstrates that this Government is committed to modernizing Canada’s copyright laws to make them work in a digital economy.

 This bill takes some steps in the right direction. Private broadcasters have been calling for changes to the Copyright Act that would encourage innovation, create jobs and facilitate the growth and development of the industry.

 In particular, the inclusion of a reproduction right exception for broadcasters is seen as a solid first step for the industry in recognizing that transferring content from one medium to another should not attract additional liability. Broadcasters would like to see further streamlining of the Copyright Act to reduce the layering and complexity of payments. In the coming weeks, we intend to carefully assess the complex and sweeping changes proposed in this bill.

 Sent on behalf of Canada’s Private Broadcasters

     Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
    Acadia Broadcasting Limited
    Asian Television Network International Ltd.
    Astral Media Inc.
    Atlantic Broadcasting Limited
    Bayshore Broadcasting
    Bear Creek Broadcasting
    Bel-Roc Communications Inc.
    Blackburn Radio Inc.
    Byrnes Media
    CAB-K Broadcasting Ltd.
    Canadian Hellenic Cable Radio Ltd.
    Canadian Multicultural Radio
    CanWest Media Works
    CFMB Limited
    Channel Zero Inc.
    CIBM-FM  Mont Bleu Ltée
    CIRC Radio Inc.
    CJRN 710 Inc.
    CJSD Incorporated
    Cogéco Diffusion Inc.
    Corus Entertainment Inc.
    Crossroads Television System
    Dauphin Broadcasting
    Diffusion Laval Inc.
    Fabmar Communications Ltd.
    Fairchild Radio Group Ltd.
    Fairchild Television Ltd.
    Gestion Appalaches Inc.
    Glassbox Television Inc.
    Haliburton Broadcasting Group Inc.
    Harvard Broadcasting
    Insight Sports Ltd.
    Jim Pattison Broadcast Group
    Klondike Broadcasting Company Inc.
    L.A. Radio Group Inc.
    Larche Communications Inc.
    LE5 Communications Inc.
    MacEachern Broadcasting Inc.
    Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Inc.
    Milestone Radio Inc.
    National Broadcast Reading Service
    NewCap Inc.
    Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
    Norcom Telecommunications Ltd.
    Northwestern Radio Partnership
    Northwoods Broadcasting Limited
    Peace River Broadcasting Corp.
    Pelmorex Media Inc.
    Quinte Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
    Radio Beauce Inc.
    Radio CJFP (1986) Ltee
    Radio CJLS Limited
    Radio Dégelis Inc.
    Radiocorp Ltd.
    Radio Témiscamingue Inc.
    Ramparts de Québec
    Rawlco Radio Ltd.
    Rogers Broadcasting Limited
    RNC Media Inc.
    Saskatoon Media Group
    Score Media Inc.
    Sonème Inc.
    South Asian Broadcasting Corp. Inc.
    Stillwater Broadcasting Ltd.
    Télè Inter-Rives ltd.
    The Fight Network
    Thunder Bay Electronics
    Tiessen Media Inc.
    TQS Inc.
    TV5 Quebec Canada
    United Christian Broadcasters Group
    Vista Group
    Vu! Bell ExpressVu
    Westman Communications Group
    Westwave Broadcasting Inc.
    Whiteoaks Communications Group
    Wild TV Inc.
    Woodbine Entertainment Group
    World Impact Ministries