May 2010 is…

“National Barbecue Month”: To encourage people to start enjoying barbecuing early in the season. Call Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association 703-522-0086. See

“Revise Your Work Schedule Month”: To increase awareness, exploration and implementation of non-traditional work schedules such as flextime, telecommuting, job sharing and compressed work weeks. Call 619-232-0404, email

“Creative Beginnings Month”: Enjoy the budding month of May while discovering something new about yourself. Enrol in a course, write a poem, plant a garden, coordinate a social event. For info call Christina Bergenholtz 508-839-5139, email

“MS Awareness Month”: Multiple Sclerosis is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. See

“Healthy Vision Month”: To inform the public that preventative eye care is important because eye conditions, diseases and injuries that can rob a person’s vision can strike at any time in life. Call the American Academy of Ophthalmology 415-447-0258, email See

“Young Achievers/Leaders of Tomorrow Month”: International Leadership Network’s Young Achievers/Leaders of Tomorrow Program recognizes and encourages positive achievement, behaviour, leadership and service. Call Tom Eichhorst 314-961-5978, email See

“International Victorious Woman Month”: Celebrates the woman who has shaped life’s challenges into distinct victories. Encourages others to strive toward overcoming difficulties and influences them to achieve their own personal victories. Call Annmarie Kelly, SkillBuilder Systems 610-738-8225. email See

“Personal History Month”: To raise awareness and appreciation for preserving life stories by providing professional services to help record and publish those stories. See

“Teen Self-Esteem Month”: A month for turning our focus and attention toward helping teens understand that their power and sense of self comes from within, so as to better equip these youths to make decisions that can not only lead to life success but also save lives. Call 617-698-1976. email See

May 1 “May Day”: Observed as a holiday since ancient times with Spring Festivals, Maypoles and celebrations. But the political importance of May Day has also grown since the 1880’s when it became workers day in the U.S.  Observed as Labour Day in many countries. Bermuda, Canada and the US are the only countries that observe Labour Day in September.

May 1 “School Principals’ Day”: To recognize all the good work, leadership and dedication to providing the best possible education for our children. For information call Janet Dellaria 906-852-3539.

May 1 “Stepmothers’ Day”:  A day to honour stepmothers who care! For info email Susan Wilkins-Hubley Web:

May 3-9 “Work at Home Moms Week”: The challenge of motherhood and working at home can be a balancing act. All women who do it every day are applauded this week and always. Call Robin Gorman Newman 516-773-0911, email See

May 3 “Two Different Coloured Shoes Day”: A day to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of humanity. The simple and lighthearted act of purposely wearing two different coloured shoes demonstrates the courage to take a risk and step outside of one’s daily routine. Call Arlene Kaiser 408-946-4444. Email See

May 4 “National Teacher Day”: To pay tribute to educators, sponsored by the National Education Association. Call 202-833-4000. web: Listeners nominate the area’s best teachers, those who’ve made an impact on them personally or have provided service above and beyond their job description.  Sell an awards program to a sponsor who donates something of value to each nominee and a grand prize for the best teacher as determined by listeners.  Post all nominees and winners on web site. 

May 5 “Cartoonists Day”: To honour all those who use their imagination and a few pens to bring their ideas to life and give us a laugh via the daily paper, magazines, TV and the movies. Call Polly Keener 330-836-4448 or e-mail

May 6 “No Diet Day”: A day to stop dieting and stop hazardous weight-loss attempts. Find out the 10 reasons not to diet by emailing Francie Berg at (please put “Berg-No Diet Day” in subject line). Web

May 7 “No Pants Day”: A growing international event held annually on the first Friday in May, based on the simple idea of relishing the joy inherent in not wearing pants. Usually people wear thick, colourful boxers, but bloomers, slips, briefs and panties all work as well. Call Roy Janik at 512-916-4246. email See

May 7-24 “Canadian Tulip Festival”: The world’s largest festival with more than 3 million tulips in bloom in Ottawa. The event grew out of a thank-you gift of bulbs from the Dutch Royal Family. Call 613-567-5757 or 1-800-66-TULIP. Email Web:

May 8 “World Red Cross Day”: A day for commemorating the birth of Jean-Henri Dunant, the Swiss founder of the International Red Cross Movement in 1863, and for recognizing the humanitarian work of the Red Cross around the world. For info on activities in your area, contact your local Red Cross chapter. See

May 8 “National Babysitter’s Day”: To give babysitters appreciation and special recognition for their quality child care. Call Barbara Baldwin 210-695-9838, email See

May 8 “Stay Up All Night Night”: A night when people are encouraged to stay awake through the night, reliving the excitement of staying up late as a child. There is something incredibly satisfying in staying up to see the sun rise – and everyone should do it at least once a year. Annually, the 2nd Saturday in May. For info, email George Mahood at

May 9 “Mother’s Day”: The second Sunday in May.  The first celebrations in honour of mothers were held in the spring in ancient Greece. They paid tribute to Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. In 1907 Anna Jarvis in Philadelphia, PA asked her church to hold a service in memory of all mothers on the anniversary of her mother’s death. She later began a letter-writing campaign to create a Mother’s Day observance. 

May 9-16 “Salute to 35+ Moms Week”: Motherhood is challenging at any age, and if you become a mom when you’re 35 or older, it can be quite an adjustmenet. For info, email Robin Gorman Newman at See

May 10-16 “Children’s Book Week”: An annual event sponsored by the Children’s Book Council to encourage the enjoyment of reading for young people. Call 1-800-999-2160, email See

May 11 “Eat what you want Day”: Ignore all those on-again/off-again warnings. Have your morning show give away free lunches today at different ethnic restaurants where Jocks are doing lunch time remotes. Or sell remote at all you can eat buffet and offer a discounted price.

May 12 “Limerick Day”: Observed on the birthday of a Limerick champion called Edward Lear. He published a book of Limericks in the 18th century call Edward Lear’s Book of Nonsense. Lots  of  limericks at

May 12 “Nightshift Workers Day”: To honour those workers who reverse their natural circadian rhythm to keep business running 24 hours a day.

May 16-22 “International New Friends, Old Friends Week”: A week to celebrate and make time for old friends and new friends and remember how vital friends are for our emotional and physical health and well-being. Help listeners reconnect with old friends. Host a party for making new friends. Call Jan Yager, PhD 203-968-0193, email See

May 18 “International Museum Day”: To pay tribute to museums of the world. Observed annually on May 18 since 1977. For info call ICOM-US 202-289-9115, email

May 21 “National Bike to Work Day”: Encourages the use of bikes so we become healthy, and help the environment as well. Communities, corporations, clubs, and individuals are invited to sponsor bicycling activities during the month of May in order to increase awareness and acceptance of bicycling throughout the country. Call Patrick McCormick 202-822-1333. Email Web

May 21 “I Need a Patch for That Day” They have patches for nicotine and they have patches for heart patients.  How about a Patch for “bad hair day” or “runny noses. Phone 717-279-0184 or email:

May 22 “Immigrants’ Day”: A day to celebrate and recognize the contributions made by immigrants to Canada and to discuss the Canadian immigration policy and experience. Call Sergio R. Karas 416-506-1800, email See

May 24 “Victoria Day”: Commemorates the birth of Queen Victoria on May 24th 1819. It is a national holiday in Canada. Observed on the first Monday preceding May 25th.

May 24 “Brothers Day” Celebration of brotherhood for biological brothers, fraternity brothers, brothers bonded by union affiliation or lifetime experiences.  For info: Daniel Rhodes. Phone 205-908-6781, email

May 25 “National Missing Children’s Day” To promote awareness of the problem of missing children. Toll Free Hot Line Number 1-800-387-7962. See

May 26-31 “Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival”: Windsor to Digby, NS. Annual festival with barbecues, sports events, art show, Princess Tea, coronation ceremonies, dances, concerts, fireworks, draft fair, children’s parade and more. Call Frances Anderson 902-678-8322, email, see

May 31 “Memorial Day (US)”: Legal public holiday in the United States, in honour of those who have died in battle.

May 31 “What You Think Upon Grows Day”: A day to remind people of the power of positive thinking. Call Stephanie West Allen 303-935-8866, email